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Thursday, August 27, 2009

*LIVE* HOH Endurance Comp

As soon as the feeds come back from trivia, I'll start posting what's going on!

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Currently on the live feeds...

6:12pm BBT:
Kevin is in the lead...

Kevin is still in the lead.

Jordan fell.

Natalie: "Keep going Kevin! Michele is right behind you."

Here are the current standings:
1st: Kevin
2nd: Michele
3rd: Jordan
4th: Natalie

Jeff: "Ughh I gotta pee!" (This is the 2nd time he's said that. lol)

6:38pm BBT:
Jordan is sluggish. Kevin is still hustlin' along, Natalie looks like she pretty much gave up & is just doing what she can (but she's so far behind at this point, kinda pointless.) Michele is trying to catch up to Kevin (who is still in the lead.)

Jeff: "Good job, Kevin!!"

6:45pm BBT:
Kevin is still in first place, with Michele being in 2nd place. Jordan is slipping all over the place & just fell.

6:58pm BBT:
Jeff: "You're right there, Kev. Home stretch!"

Natalie: "You're almost there, Kevo!"

7:09pm BBT:
Kevin is just about to win...(Feeds switch to fishies. Production is probably talking to the HG's.)

Feeds are back. Everyone is inside the house...


Starting a new post at the top! :D

Stay tuned...

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