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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Well ladies & gents, it happened just like I had 5pm BBT, BB called for a LOCKDOWN!!! :D Why am I so happy? Because that is first (and classic!) indication that there will be an endurance comp for tomorrow's HOH!! :D w00t w00t!!! And with this week's battle for HOH being HUGE, I expect several hours of action! ;-) This would be a GREAT time to get the live feeds so that you can watch the endurance comp *LIVE* tomorrow night!! Is it 100% that there will be an endurance comp? No. But I will say that I'm 99.99% sure! ;-) The last endurance comp was July 30th, so we're seriously due for one!!!

Okay, let's take a look at what is going on inside the BB house.

Currently on the live feeds...

5:52pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff is in the shower, as the two girls talk about Russell..again. lol Jordan saying that Jeff is better than Russell, and that he's jealous of Jeff, etc etc. (Nothing that hasn't been said at least 20 times so far today by a few of the HG's.) Michele is laughing that Natalie keeps pushing for them to "throw" the HOH comp to them. Michele saying 'no way' to that idea.

(**Moments before Michele came up, Jeff/Jordan said they wanna ditch Michele for their original Final 3 plan and replace her with Natalie.)


6:04pm BBT:
Red Room

Natalie is saying that nobody that is playing in tomorrows HOH comp (which she also believe to be an Endurance Comp) is stronger than her.

Russ leaves & goes to Kevin who's finishing up with his shower.

6:08pm BBT:

Russell: "Is your mind made up for tomorrow?"
Kevin: "What?"
Russell: "Is your mind made up for tomorrow?"
Kevin: "No."

Russ tells Kevin he's gonna talk to Michele tonight to see where she stands. Kevin says okay.

6:21pm BBT:
The feeds are quiet. Russ is in the Red Room as Natalie sleeps. Jeff is in the kitchen making something to eat, as Kevin sits at the kitchen counter.

Michele/Jordan are in the HOH room.

At 6:32pm BBT, they leave the HOH room and head downstairs.

Russell is in the Pool Room by himself.

**I can't help but to wonder if knowing that tomorrows HOH will be endurance will actually help Russell's case to stay for Michele & Kevin. Russell is strong and he won the last endurance comp, definitely a force to be reckoned with. And knowing that he's going after Jeff & Jordan hardcore, solidifies that Michele/Kev wouldn't be targets this week & would have the numbers against Jeff/Jordan. And even if Kev/Michele/Russ didn't win HOH against Jordan, Russ would still be Jeff & Jordan's #1 target. To me, it sounds like a no brainer to keep Russ this week if I was Michele & Kevin.

7:20pm BBT:
*Kevin/Nat are sleeping in the Red Room.
*Jeff/Jordan are in the Main Bathroom. Jeff is trimming his hair.
*Russell is sleeping in the Pool Room.

7:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie said that Kevin said there's no way he's voting for Russ to stay. She also goes on to say that Michele was "feeling Kevin out" to see if he would vote for Russ to stay. (She tried to throw Michele under the bus, but Michele already warned Jeff/Jordan earlier that if they heard anything about trying to get Kevin to vote Russ to stay, that it's all bullcrap.)

8:08pm BBT:
HOH Room

After "Operation: Throw Michele Under The Bus" failed, Natalie then tells Jeff/Jordan that the only reason she's been talking to Russell, is to just "get along" with him. (The real reason? To try to get his jury vote.)

Russell bashing continues.

Jeff: "I know I've said this before, but he's the biggest loser I've ever met in my life!"

At 8:12pm BBT, Kevin joins the crew in HOH. A minute later, so does Michele.

Michele is counting down the minutes until she's off of slop. (9pm BBT)

8:49pm BBT:
Kevin is telling Jeff/Jordan/Nat that Russell is still hustling for votes. (**Wonder why Kevin never told them how Russ approached him tonight while he was taking a shower. Hmm!)

Natalie is now telling J/J that she's gunning for Michele. (...when really she's gunning for Jeff.)

**Friendly Reminder: Big Brother After Dark on Showtime2 has started!

Talk in the HOH continues. Current topic is Michele.
*Natalie "hates the bitch".
*Kevin said she's a "big question mark" (can't read her).
*Jeff said he has never been able to read Michele.

***Okie dokie, I'm outty for the night. ;-) I'll see y'all back here in the morning with The Overnighter!! :D

Stay tuned...

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