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Friday, August 28, 2009

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Today is Friday, and that means Nominations are today! Who will go up on the block? Jeff & Michele, according to Kevin last night. Has that changed? We'll see later on today! ;-)

Currently on the live feeds...

11:25am BBT:
Workout Room

J/J just did some more training on which HG's left on which days, etc etc. Jeff can overhear Michele talking about Russell in the kitchen to Kevin.

Jeff: (whispering) "We gotta make them (Kevin/Nat) think that if she stays here, they don't have a f*ckin' chance!"

Flirting between the two then starts up.

11:53pm BBT:
Everybody (except Jordan who is showering.)

The house went on inside lockdown less than an hour ago. Jeff thinks they're gonna have a clothes luxury comp. Natalie doesn't think so because the backyard was open all night.

Jeff: "That's all part of the plan!" (he's really hoping for a clothes luxury comp.)

12:31pm BBT:
In the kitchen area, Natalie & Jeff are playing cards. Jeff is still talking about how he thinks they're gonna have a clothes luxury comp. Natalie said she should take a shower.

Jeff: "Why? Because you're excited (about a possibly luxury comp)?"
Natalie: "No! Because everyone else has taken a shower."

Up in the HOH room, Kevin is laying down & listening to his CD.

12:34pm BBT:
Jordan joins Nat/Jeff in the kitchen.

***The video of Ross Mathews interviewing Russell is finally working now!! :D If you want to watch it, click here!

1:06pm BBT:
Still nothing going on. Jeff is making a sandwhich. Exciting, I know. ;-)

1:08pm BBT:
Kevin joined Jeff in the kitchen.

Jeff told Kev that he went up to the HOH room so that they could talk but he never answered the door. Kevin had no clue he went up there.

Kevin: "But yeah, we should talk."
Jeff: "After I'm done (eating my sandwich)."

Talk turns to how Jeff still thinks there's a luxury comp being set up outside in the backyard. Kevin thinks it might be a POV Comp set up for them to practice.

1:19pm BBT:
Fishies on all feeds...

2:42pm BBT:
Fishies are back!!!

Stay tuned...

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