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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon BB fans! :D The HG's are still sleeping (as of 10:31am BBT) on what I now call "Sleepy Sunday". lol :P Every Sunday, BB let's the HG's sleep in a couple hours later than usual, and then the rest of the day is typically filled with fun in the sun & relaxing. Will that happen today as well? We shall see!! I think with all the tension between...well..just about everybody in the house, that something is gonna give & there's gonna be a fight (if not today, then most definitely tomorrow when Russell is put on the block!)

Okie dokie, as I get the Overnighter ready, check out Ross Mathews' interview with Lydia:

First thing I want to cover is the Natalie/Kevin stealing Michele's covers incident.

It happened at 8:10pm BBT last night on Camera 2. Kevin/Natalie were looking to get covers from the pool room since nobody is sleeping in there (Jeff/Jordan in HOH, Russ/Michele in the Have Not's room this week). Natalie started to pull the covers off of Michele down by her feet (Michele wasn't visible since the blanket was over her head) and when she moved, Natalie jumped back and said "Whoa!"

It seems that Natalie/Kevin *truly* didn't know she was there. They apologized twice before leaving the room, and again when Michele left the room. Later on, Kevin apologized to Michele (again) for the blanket incident. Michele said she was very cranky from the lack of sleep lately.

Last night, there wasn't anything that happened that is really new info.
The convos were pretty much the same:

*Russ is getting the boot this week.
*Jeff is pissed that Michele/Russ have a Final 2 deal (why this pisses him off, is beyond me, considering he has a Final 2 deal with Jordan.)
*Michele/Russ have a gut feeling Russ is going up during tomorrow (Monday's) Veto Ceremony.
*Russ is pissed because it seems that Jeff still doesn't believe that he is being true to his word of being in the Final 4.
*Kevin/Nat agreed that Jeff is their target if they win HOH this week.

The very few pieces of *new* info are the following:
*Jordan said she'd throw the HOH to Michele if they were the two last ones in the endurance comp, since she knows Michele will get Natalie or Kevin out. This will help build up trust between Michele & Jeff/Jordan to make their Final 3 deal stronger after Russ is gone.
*Russ told Michele that he's going to go crazy tomorrow if he's put on he block.

Russell: "If you think Chima was bad, you just f*cking wait!"

*Michele said she'd be pissed if Jeff puts Russ up on the block because Jeff made them all swear on their families (that they're Final 4 to the end).
*Michele is starting to figure out that Natalie's age isn't "adding up" to everything that she has said (like loving the tv show 90210 when she was a teen).
*Kevin/Natalie got in trouble last night in the Diary Room for speaking Pig Latin & Spanish. They told them it was "eviction worthy" and to stop it. Natalie said she didn't see it in the rule book & wants to look at it again.

Alrighty, that's it for the Overnighter! I tried my best to find new info, and that's all I got. lol It was a slow night last night. The HG's all were in bed around 3:30am.

Starting a new post at the top! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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