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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Overnighter

Gooood morning, BB fans!! :D Today is Tuesday and while that might not mean anything inside the BB house, it does mean something for us...tonight is the POV Comp & Veto Ceremony episode. w00t w00t!! It starts at 9pm EST, and as always, the chat room will be open!

Okay, let's just dive right on into the Overnighter, shall we? ;-)

9:42pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Kevin fished for info from Jeff & also revealed his talk with Russell.

Jeff: "Watch out because Russell's gonna be all up in your ear."
Kevin: "He already has had. For about 30 minutes. A hard, hard sale. He must be a salesman. Wait..isn't he?
Jeff: "One of his many jobs."

Kevin asked Jeff if Michele really cried after the Veto Ceremony, and Jeff said he didn't know.

Kevin: "He's making it seem like Michele is totally on his side. Like he's already talked to her."
Jeff: "He tells you what you want to hear. If she votes him to stay, she can f*ckin' stay in the room by herself for the week. Because she'd be gone. (evicted)"

**Why do I have the feeling that Kevin is gonna be a hinkey vote & blame it on Michele to make her a target? lol :P

Jeff reminds Kevin that down the line, he's gonna have to play against Russell if he were to stay. Kevin is surprised at how fast Russell came up with that plan (to try to get Kev/Michele to keep him).

Jeff: "I hope your word is good, man."
Kevin: "Mm hmm! It is good."
Jeff: "I followed through on my part."
Kevin: "You'll see...because you'll be here to know."
Jeff: "I really feel like you're due for an HOH, though. I feel it. Sometimes you just have a feeling. Ya know?"
Kevin: "Mm hmm. I wonder what Jordan would do if she won HOH. Russell said that she'd put me up."
Jeff: "How the f*ck does Russell know? He looks too far down the line."
Kevin: "He said, 'you know Jeff is gonna win this, right?', so think about this...blah blah blah."
Jeff: "That's another downfall of his..maybe he should look at himself in the mirror and worry about what he's doin'!"

Kevin says he'll prove his loyalty to Jeff on Thursday with his vote and if he wins HOH. Jordan comes outside. She confirms that Michele looked like she was crying after the Veto Ceremony, but now "she's fine".

Kevin seems to have no interest in keeping Russell. He told J/J all about his conversation. Michele joins them on the couches.

They discuss how Jeff was in the Diary Room for 1 1/2 hours. He said he was Twittering. Jordan said it's cool because BB will ask them questions that fans are asking them, but that they can't see any of the questions. Talk turns back to Russell.

Jeff: "His cards on the table. If you wanna buy what's selling...wait until he tells you to your face that he's gonna stab you in the back. Whatever. I'm not gonna campaign. You guys know what's right.....(looks at Michele)...Michele."
Michele: (awkward giggle)

Kevin: "Who knows, maybe he'll still be around...2 to 1. To stay." (kinda joking)
Jeff: "Ya well, I'd still be around.." (threatening)

Russell comes outside & shoots pool, alone.
Talk turns to non-game.
Natalie wakes up & joins everyone on the couches.

1:00am BBT:
Red Room

Kevin told Natalie he's scared that he's the next target in the house, if Russell leaves this week. Kevin said that he's using the info he's getting from Russell & spinning it to his advantage & to make Michele look untrustworthy to Jeff/Jordan.

Kevin is trying to create a bigger target than him, to keep focus off of him & Natalie in case they don't win HOH this week. They both know if Michele or Jordan win this week, they're screwed. And at this point, they're right. More so Kevin than Natalie.

Meanwhile, up the HOH room also at 1am BBT...

1:00am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff is worried that the votes could flip. Jordan said she can see Michele flipping.

Jeff: "They (Kev/Michele) better not flip on these votes."
Jordan: "Gawd."
Jeff: "I don't..I don't think it's gonna happen. I don't think Kevin would (flip)."
Jordan: "That would be DUMB if he did. I think if Kevin went to Michele and said 'hey I'm gonna vote this way', I think she would! She would flip."
Jeff: "Yeah, yeah for sure."
Jordan: "Natalie asked Michele if they could throw HOH to either her or Kevin and Michele snapped and was like 'NO! No!' But if the votes did flip, and he stayed...because you know he'd be runnin' his mouth, I would seriously, like, I would hit him & get myself evicted. I would. I SWEAR I would. Because I know he would put me & you up next, so.."
Jeff: "Oh shut up. Even if the votes did flip, we wouldn't go anywhere anyways. So it doesn't matter." (...are you sure about that??!)

Michele enters the HOH at 1:03am BBT looking for tweezers, Jordan tells her to get them out of her makeup bag in the bathroom. Michele goes in the bathroom & shuts the door to give J/J privacy.

Jordan: "I'm gonna take a bath & talk to her."
Jeff: "Okay."
Before Jordan even gets into the bathroom, talk of Russell starts. Michele said that Russell hasn't done anything for her & there's no point in her keeping him around.

Talk turns to how Natalie wanting the HOH to be thrown this week to either herself or Kevin.
Michele: "I love how they said to just throw this HOH to them this week. Umm nooo." (laughs)

Jordan tells Michele to not even talk to Russell anymore, Michele said she won't & that she's done with him & going to vote him out. Michele warns Jordan that if there's a hinky vote (for Russ to stay), that it was Kevin and not her. (This is great planning on Michele's part because as I said earlier, I can totally see Kevin doing this!)

Michele leaves, and Jeff remembers something kinda fishy about his convo with Kevin earlier...

Jeff: "I just now remember what Kevin said to me outside..he said if Russell hadn't blown up, he could've had a chance (to stay this week). What do you mean he COULD HAVE? You're voting, dude!"

Jordan: "Why would Kevin want to keep Russell here? He'd just go after him (Kevin)!"
Jeff: "I dunno!"
Jordan: "Well Kevin told me in the kitchen 'That was so nice for Jeff to take me off the block, and he has my trust.'"
Jeff: "Well that's good."

2:57am BBT:
Have Not's Room
Russell talks to Michele about the possibility of keeping him this week.

Russell: "What's going through your head?"
Michele: (couldn't hear due to her rubbing her mic)
Russell: "Can I ask you a honest question?"
Michele: "Sure."
Russell: "Did you know that was gonna happen? (re: him getting backdoored)
Michele: "No."

Michele tells Russell that she's scared Jeff/Jordan are gonna turn on her next and that's why she's keeping her distance from him (Russ). Russell said he knows. Russ tells Michele that Kevin is open to the idea of keeping him the week. Russ tells her what he told Kevin'd be in his best interest if Russ stayed, Jeff can't play for HOH this week, he's gonna take Jordan to the end, etc etc. Russell tells Michele that Jeff is coming after her, and that it'd be better to let Russell take Jeff out so that the blood is on his hands, not hers. She agrees, then says "We can talk later.", Russ says "Okay." The go to sleep.

That's it for the Overnighter! Another thing to note (that I didn't include in the Overnighter) is that around 2am, Jeff started to have a pity party for himself, mixed with anger. He's scared that Russ will stay, and that means that the house is gunning for him, and that all of his "dirty work" will be for nothing. Jordan calmed him down and he thanked her for that. Jordan said "You would have done the same for me." They end their talk with a quick kiss and say goodnight.

Starting a morning/afternoon post in a few minutes! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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