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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Overnighter (+Midnight POV Results!!)

Good morning, BB fans!! Last night at 12:10am BBT, the feeds went to trivia as the HG's played a midnight POV. Here are the results:

Winner of the POV is:


(This is worst case scenario for Jeff.)

3:06am BBT:
HOH Room

Feeds came back! The late night POV was the good ol' Morph-o-Matic POV Comp.

*The HG's had to wear silver space outfits.
*Kevin/Natalie told Michele this is what they hoped for. (For her to win, Jeff to go.)
*Kev/Nat/Michele all agree that Jordan will win in the Final 2 if she's there.

Michele: "She didn't do jack! She didn't do jack (shit). We all had to hustle."

Natalie leaves.

3:22am BBT:
Kevin/Michele remain in the HOH room talking.
Michele said that she wanted to keep Russell around to get rid of Jeff later.

Talk turns to "Pandora's Box".

Michele: "Wasn't the whole thing about Pandora's Box was that there's hope at the bottom of the box?"

**Wonder if Jeff finding the key in the bottom of the box will play into his favor this week. Hmm!

Michele does alot of Jeff bashing to Kevin. She says that Jeff was making fun of her for starring at the Memory Wall all the time (which came into play for this comp). She also says that Jeff was always calling her a liar when she wasn't lying.

3:37am BBT:
Red Room

Jordan is sad that not only is going up on the block (after Michele takes herself off), but that Jeff is most likely going home now. Natalie tells her to keep positive and that next week, she's "safe".

Natalie: "If I win, you're safe. If Kevin wins, you're safe. If Michele wins, I think you're safe, too."
Jordan: "Now I know how you felt when Jessie left. It's the worst feeling ever."
Natalie: "Mm hmm."
Jordan: "She's gonna win this whole thing. If I go to Jury, I'm gonna vote for her."

Jordan goes into the Pool Room to check on Jeff.

3:40am BBT:
Pool Room

Jordan: "Are you okay?"
Jeff: "Yeah."
Jordan: "Okay, listen..umm..I think I'm gonna tell everybody to vote me out and to keep you."
Jeff: "Jordan, shut up!"
Jordan: "No, because you...I can't win ANY of these (comps) and you sooo're a better a competitor than me.."
Jeff: "Jordan, that's not (how the game should be played)."
Jordan: "I know! But..."
Jeff: "Go with Michele and go as far as you can."
Jeff: "First of all, nobody is gonna vote you out (over me). Okay? Second, go with Michele as far as you can, and if you sneek into the finals, you're gonna win."
Jordan: "No, I know if you stayed you would win, because I would have NEVER made it this far (without you)."
Jeff: "That's alright! Go with Michele & win. Kevin can't play next week. Make a deal with Natalie, then you two make a deal with Michele, and get Kevin out next week. Have you & Natalie battle it out against Michele."

Jordan tries to see other options, Jeff cuts her off..

Jeff: "It's over. I lost."
Talk turns to the POV Comp.

Jeff: "I couldn't do it. I didn't know what the f*ck it was."
Jeff said it took "a minute and 10 seconds or whatever I had." longer to figure it out.

4:03am BBT:

Jeff: "I started counting the money. I was getting cozy upstairs. I thought I had all the angles worked out. I f*cked up."

Jeff: "I got got. It was a good move by Kevin. I would've gotten myself out too if I were him. But ultimately, Kevin is out next week. It's gonna hurt...having nobody to have his back (next week). Man, we could re-do that POV comp 10 times and she'd still beat me." (re: Michele)

Jordan: "This sucks."
Jeff: "And tomorrow, I gotta swallow that f*ckin' pill (of losing). And it ain't goin' down, either."

4:10am BBT:
HOH Room

It seems that Michele is part of Natalie/Kevin now. Michele did alot Jeff bashing and even thanked Kevin for being "on the team". (Team: Michele/Kev/Nat)

Kevin: "I can't believe (Jordan) is gonna campaign (to leave). Whatever, weirdo."

4:35am BBT:
Red Room

4:40am BBT:
Workout Room

Michele appears to be in deep thought.

4:35am BBT:
Red Room
Major whispter session between Nat/Jordan.

Natalie: Michele won't vote for him to stay. And my vote wouldn't count (Kevin would break the tie & Jeff out), so I have to with them."

Jordan tells Natalie what Jeff told her: to pair up with Natalie, get Kevin out next week, and stab Michele in the back after that.

Jordan: "I'm sure (Michele) made a deal with Kevin.."
Natalie: "I'm sure she did!

Jordan is trying to get Natalie to team with her, but Natalie said she doesnt want to "do anything too soon". Natalie does agree, though, that they need to get Kevin out next week.

**Is she lying to Jordan? We'll find out if she tells Kevin the convo later on today.

Jordan: "We'll talk tomorrow."
Natalie: "Yeah, we'll talk tomorrow."

Natalie rolls over to go to sleep.
Jordan goes out into the living room to sit in one of the nomination chairs.

5:02am BBT:
Pool Room

Jordan & Michele have a quick convo. Michele said she feels bad for Jeff because he's miserable & getting "tipsy" in the dinning room:

(Jeff, alone, claps quietly and says "Thank you. That's a wrap." before getting up from the table.)

Michele tells Jordan that if Jeff didn't get Russell out, he wouldn't be going home this week.

5:20am BBT:
Jeff gets Jordan to join him the now-opened backyard. He has a few smokes, as Jordan sits on the couch lightly crying.

Jeff: "Stick with Natalie. Stick with Michele. Play both sides."
Jordan: "If Michele won HOH, who do you think she'd get out first: me or Natalie?"
Jeff: "Natalie."

Jeff then tells her to "study her shit" and to "not let others determine your destiny."

Jeff: "And if it comes down to America's vote, you'll surely win."

Jordan: "I'm gonna be so bored."
Jeff: "For 2 weeks? I think you can handle it. You came this far, ya know?"
Jordan: "You're the only one I talk to!"
Jeff: "Think about the big picture. Think of your ma. You were here to meet me, and...I wasn't here to win. And my time will come. Ya gotta stay positive."

Jeff & Jordan are both coming to terms that Jeff is a goner (unless that pandoras box key saves him).

Talk continues.

Jordan: "This sucks!" *sniffle*
Jeff: "Yeah. But what are ya gonna do, ya know?"
Jordan: "So after everything, are you gonna stay in Chicago? Or move to California?"
Jeff: "I dunno. We gotta see what happens after this. I honestly don't think anything is gonna come (from the show). I think it's back to the grind for me."

During their lengthy (and sad) convo, the power goes off:

The feeds come back on and Jeff/Jordan are inside the house. Jeff takes a shower, as Jordan goes to bed in the Pool Room (where Michele also is sleeping).

7:00am BBT:
Jordan/Jeff had some nice kissing action! Nice passionate, slow, slurpy-noise making kinda kissing.

And this (finally!) concludes the Overnigher! ;-)

As soon as the HG's get up, I'll start a new post! I'm guessing they'll get up around 12pm'ish BBT.

Stay tuned...

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