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Friday, August 28, 2009

Evening in the BB House (+Noms Spoiler)

At 5:08pm BBT, the feeds went to trivia, which means Nominations are taking place. Who will Kevin put up? Most likely Michele & Jeff, (I'd be very surprised if those weren't the noms, considering Kevin told both of them they're going up.) The target this week: Jeff. If Michele wins the POV tomorrow, you can pretty say bye bye to Jeff at that point. If Jordan wins the POV (which makes her safe), she'll take Jeff off, then Natalie will have to go up by default...making it Michele/Natalie at that point.

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll announce the 2 HG's that have been nominated for eviction.

Nominated for Eviction:

Jeff & Michele

Feeds come back @ 6:00pm BBT.

6:01pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jordan: "I'm nervous."
Natalie: "Hey, you got your key!"

6:05pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin: "More & more I think about, Jeff's gotta go this week."

Kevin is now telling Natalie all about the twist today. (The Mystery Door) Natalie then tells him things from her point of view. (Natalie is talking at the speed of light and no way I can transcribe that. lol Sorry, guys & gals!)

Talk turns to the Mystery Door.

Kevin: "They (prodcution) said it wasn't game changing. It was a twist, not a comp."

**Nat is giving me a headache talking about the $10,000 ("Is it for the house? Is that in addition to the money we grabbed outside? What did they tell you?")

Switching feeds to...

6:43pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jeff: "It's a smart move (for Kevin to get me out)."

Jeff kinda half-jokingly tells Jordan "You can start winning anytime you want."
Jordan: "Winning what?"
Jeff: "Anything."

Michele walks in the room & lays down on her bed.

Silence all around.

Switching feeds back to Kevin/Natalie...

6:54pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin is telling Nat about Jeff/Kevin's earlier convo in the HOH room. KEvin said even though he broke the deal & put Jeff up on the block, Jeff still has a good shot at winning the POV.

Kevin: "Hopefully the POV comp isn't a memory thing. He's been doing his research. He told me that he counted windows and pillows."
Natalie: "I still don't think he knows everything as well as I do." (Natalie has been training for weeks.)
Kevin: "I dunno. We should count pillows. He did."

Kevin tests Natalie on her response speed to questions.

The first question, it took Natalie 15 seconds to answer.
The second question, it took her 10 seconds to answer.

Kevin: "That took you 10 motherf*cking seconds to answer. So..there it is." (**lol)

Natalie: "If they make a poker competiton, it's a wrap!"

Going back to...

7:11pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jeff said he found "the key" to open pandora's box, and he's wondering if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

A look at around the house:

Michele is playing a game of solitare.

Kevin & Natalie are playing cards as well.

7:35pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jordan & Jeff just had a couple of cute & flirty moments.

7:41pm BBT:
All feeds are on Jeff & Jordan in the kitchen cooking dinner.

**Okie dokie, ladies & gents...I'm outta here for the night. Don't forget that Big Brother After Dark starts at 12am EST/11pm Central! I'll be back in the morning as always with the Overnighter. Until then...g'dnight & sleep tight! ;-)

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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