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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Overnighter

Gooood morning, everybody!! :D It's Wednesday and that means a couple of things: (1)HOH Pics will be taken today...(2)Some HOH blogging will also take place today...(3)I'm anxious to see if there's a lockdown starting sometime today & lasting throughout the night because that would mean an Endurance Comp will be tomorrow! ;-)

Speaking of HOH blogs, if you haven't read it yet, go read Jordan's HOH Blog from last week. She gives her opinions on all the HG's.

While I get the Overnighter ready, take a look at this clip that I found on of Jeff wanting "things he can't have". It's worth the watch for a little giggle.

12:45am BBT:
Dining Table

As everyone (minus Russ who was in the BY on the hammock) played a new card game, Jordan got upset with Jeff because she didn't know how to play and Jeff was trying to teach her.

Jeff: "It' so easy, Jordan!"
After that game ended, Jordan said she didn't want to play another round.
Jeff: "Wanna play 'Bullshit!' instead?"
Jordan: (no response)
Natalie: "I like this game!" (the game they just played)
Kevin: "You would, after winning the first round."

Translation: Jeff is trying to Jordan happy, Natalie doesn't care what Jordan wants & wants to continue playing the card game they're playing.

1:27am BBT:
Dining Table
Everybody is still playing cards. Jordan goes to lay the pool room. Jeff said "Whatever." Russell passes through the kitchen to get something to eat.

1:39am BBT:
Pool Table

Russ did alot of Jeff/Jordan bashing as he played pool with Natalie. He called Jordan fat & said she needs to lay off of the cookie dough, and that Jeff is an idiot. Surprisingly, Natalie didn't laugh at his insults or add fuel to the fire...but it's mostly because he could use whatever she said as ammo.

Natalie said that Jeff is "sitting pretty" in the game right now, and that if Michele won HOH this week, she's screwed. Natalie said she'll send Russell a "birthday present" in the Jury House. Russell said he'd be very happy..and that's an understatement.

Natalie: "Tell Jessie to have the wine ready to celebrate (Jeff's arrival next week)."

2:29am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Russell told Michele to approach Kevin to make a deal to keep Russ this week. Michele asked why he wouldn't approach her, and Russ said Kevin told him to approach him (Kev). This makes Michele worried that it might be a setup (and it is) & she could get stabbed in the back for sticking her neck out for Russ. Russell said he'll try to pull Natalie away for a little while, so Michele can talk to Kevin real quick.

6:25am BBT:
Natalie & Kevin started Operation: Hide Stuff.

At 7:00am BBT, BB told Kevin that they have to put everything back.

One last thing to note...
Jordan slept the whole night in the Pool Room by herself. Seems like Jeff & Jordan are starting to wear on each other a little bit.

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter! ;-) As of 11:05am BBT, all HG's are still sleeping. Jordan moved to the Workout Room, while Michele moved up to Jeff's bed in the HOH room. As soon as they wake up & get goin' for the day, I'll start a new post at the top! :D

Stay tuned...

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