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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans!! :D The HG's are finally up & roaming around the house, doing their morning routines. Before I start the Afternoon post, I wanted to take a minute to tell ya'll that there are new polls on the right side of the blog! So if you haven't yet seen them, feel free to cast your opinions on a couple of different topics. ;-)

At 12:15pm BBT in the HOH room, Michele told Jeff that Russell is trying to get her to keep him this week, and to also try to get Kevin's vote as well. Jeff said Russ did that to him a couple of weeks ago when Russ was on the block. Michele confirms to Jeff that she's not voting to keep him so if there's any rumors, to dismiss them.

**This is a great set up for Michele, either way. This means she can talk to Kevin without any repercussions. And if Russell goes this week, then she's got her butt covered with Jeff/Jordan, while still leaving the possibility of talking to Kevin open.

Michele then asked Jeff if herself & Jordan were on the block & Jeff had the POV, which one of them would he take off. He said he'd have to see if that situation ever came up. Michele said she thinks she knows which one he'd pick. (Could Michele be thinking about keeping Russell because of this fact?? Hmm! Makes ya think!)

Currently on the live feeds...
Jeff is making coffee... Russell is outside on the eliptical.

12:48pm BBT:
Russell & Jeff are fighting! If you have the live feeds, turn'em on!!!

Jordan got in Russell's face and said "I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU!!!!!"

Jordan is now sitting on the couch, calm.
Jeff and Russell continue verbally fighting. (I can't type that fast! lol)

Jordan/Kevin/Natalie are on the patio couches.

They're back & forth with each other. Jeff told Russell that he won't "do shit" to him the Jury House because he'll lose all his money. Russell is calling Jeff a loser, Jeff says he's gone tomorrow, etc etc.

Jeff: "Do you wanna have sex with me? You must have a hardon (for me)! If you do, then I can show you my ass as you're going out the door tomorrow!"

Russell just called Jordan "little fatty". Jordan is calling her a douchbag.
Russell: "There you go, Jordan! Fight his battles for him!!"
Jeff is calming Jordan down.

Jeff: "You should have just seen this as a good move, Russell."
Russell is pushing every button on Jeff. Jeff is remaining calm for the most part, but I'm not sure for how much longer. lol

Jeff is calling Russell out on all his Final 2 deals.
Jeff: "Shove your fingers up your ass, man!"
Russsell: "What's this new thing with sex, dude??"

Jordan is telling Russell that Nat/Kev knew they were going up before the nominations and they planned to backdoor him (Russ) all week.

Jordan is now going off on Russell. Russ just called Jordan a "dumb shit". Jeff just told Jordan to "shut the f*ck up" because it's not her fight.

Jeff goes inside because he said he's close to knocking Russell out.

Russell is screaming to everyone on the couches (Jordon/Nat/Kev).
Russell: "You all have to live by Jeff's rules in Jeff's house! No Final 2 deals allowed!! He's gonna put you all up. You're all f*ckin' screwed."

1:14pm BBT:
Things are calmed down now. Jeff is back outside sitting on the mini fridge and smoking. Russell is still working out. Jordan/Natalie/Kevin are still on the couches.

1:18pm BBT:
BB "We'll Be Right Back" on the feeds. I can see the monitor in the control room showing Russ doing bench presses.

Feeds back.

1:30pm BBT:

Jordan is clearly upset & crying over the "fat ass", "stupid", and "go eat more cookie dough" comments.

Kevin: "He's not looking classy at all."
Jordan said she bumped Russell when she got in his face and was very close to hitting him but didn't want to lose her money.

Kevin: "He's just trying to get you guys to hit him."
Jordan: "Now I know how Chima felt."
Kevin: "Just don't do anything, Jordan. Don't get in his face."
Russell bashing continues.

1:42pm BBT:
Kevin/Jordan still in the kitchen.
Russell is roaming around the house.
Michele & Nat are outside.

1:47pm BBT:
Jordan/Kevin are still in the kitchen. Jordan is on the verge of tears again (Russ just left the kitchen). She said where she's from, a guy will never say anything like the comments Russ made to her, to a girl.

Kevin: "He has no respect for women. He said he likes to make girls cry."
Jordan: "He has anger issues."
Kevin: "We should be sad for him. He has issues."

2:04pm BBT:
A look around the house...

Russell can't sit still. He keeps roaming around the house. When he's not in the kitchen, that's when the whole Russell/Jeff/Jordan fight comes back up between Jordan/Kevin/Natalie.

Russ just asked Natalie & Kevin if they want steaks for dinner, he'll go marinate them. They say yes.

Russell: "You want one, Jordan?"
Jordan walks outside.
Russell: "No? Okay."

2:10pm BBT:
Pool Area

Michele/Jeff are in the pool, as Jordan/Kevin are poolside.

Inside the house...

2:12pm BBT:

They're talking about Michele. Russ said she blew "smoke up his ass" the whole game.
Natalie: "They call her 'The Mole'!"
Russell: "WHY DIDN'T YOU F*CKIN' TELL ME?!?!" (smiling/laughing)

Michele walks in, convo stops, and Natalie goes outside.

2:23pm BBT:
Nat/Kev/Jordo/Michele/Jeff are outside by the pool. (Jeff is in the pool).
Not very much talking going on at the moment.

Natalie: "You can't let him make you cry, Jordan."
Jordan: "...and I gotta be with him up in the HOH room tomorrow."

2:30pm BBT:
They're all sitting around, going over the fight again.

Jordan said her dad is gonna want to ring Russell's neck when he sees the fight.

Nat said her dad would be the same way.

2:52pm BBT:
Russ jumps in the pool, Jordan/Natalie/Kevin walks away. Michele remains in the pool on a floating lounger.

3:09pm BBT:

Natalie said she wants to win HOH tomorrow so she can get rid of Michele. (**Why she really wants to win is so that she can put up Jeff and get him out.)

Natalie is basically planting the seed in Jordan that her & Kevin both want Michele out next, so that if it's between them in an HOH Endurance Comp tomorrow, Natalie will use the 'I haven't won HOH yet..we all want the same person out..let me win!' speech.

Stay tuned...

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