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Monday, August 24, 2009

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

At 8:00am BBT, the HG's were all woken up. Jordan said she thinks the Veto Ceremony would start around 12pm BBT, which is quickly approaching. Since I'm running behind (due to the HG's being up about 3 hours earlier than usual), I'm gonna go over some morning game talk real quick before diving into the Morning/Afternoon post.

Here's some cliffnotes of this mornings game talk:
*Jeff said he was going to tell Kevin he picked him to be saved by picking a card. He was gonna say that Kevin's card was black & Nat's was red, but changed his mind because he didn't want to sound racist.

*At 10:45am BBT, Kevin/Nat/Jord/Jeff are in the HOH room for a hot minute. Jeff tells them their "safe" (this means that he's backdooring Russ this afternoon). He asked if Nat/Kev had a Final 2 deal, they said no. Nat promised J/J safety next week.

*Natalie told Kevin that if she wins HOH this week, and gets Jeff out of the house, then she'll tell Jordan (after Jeff is gone) that he was just a pawn but then she thought to take the opportunity to get him out.

Natalie: "If I win HOH next week, under no circumstances is Jeff safe."
Kevin: "What do we tell Michelle?"
Natalie: "I don't care what I tell Michelle."

Currently on the live feeds...

The HG's all go breakfast, coffee, and are roaming around the house.

11:25am BBT:
Red Room

They're talking about how if Michele or Jordan win HOH this week, then they (Nat/Kev) are "screwed". Kevin is scared that after Russ gets put on the block today, that 'The Lie' that they told will get found out. Kevin also knows that Russ is gonna do whatever he can to stay in the house.

11:40am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan is telling Michele (in so many words) that Russ is going up today.
Michele said that Jeff will know whether to trust her (Michele) or not by the way she votes this week.

Michele warns Jordan that if Russ goes crazy today after going on the block & starts saying stuff, to know that Michele *did* say that she wanted to try to break up Jeff/Jordan if she was the replacement nom today, but that she only said that to see if Russ would rat her out & throw her under the bus.

Michele said that they should vote Kevin out, if it's Kevin/Russ on the block.

Jeff comes out.
Jeff: " quiet."
Michele: "We're scheming."
Jeff: "F*ckers."

Michele goes inside to refresh her coffee.
Jordan/Jeff remain on the couches & Jordan tells Jeff everything Michele just said.

Jeff/Jordan think Michele truly wants to break up J/J and just said she was "testing" Russ as an excuse. Jeff looks like he's pretty much done with Michele at this point.

Jeff: "I have no problems sticking it to Michele, either."

Russ comes out.
Russell/Jeff/Jordan/Michele are now on the BY couches talking about non-game stuff.

At 12:12pm BBT, the feeds go to trivia!!! Time for the Veto Ceremony!! :D (Ohhh boy...let the fireworks begin!! lol)

Stay tuned...

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