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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Evening in the BB House

At 7:24pm BBT, the live feeds came back from fishies.

The New HOH is:


Currently on the live feeds...

7:25pm BBT:

Jeff is cooking dinner.
Jordan: "Do you think I looked stupid on tv? I know they showed me yelling at Russell." (re: chest bump fight)
Jeff: "No. I yelled at him too! Do I look stupid?"
Jordan: "I was surprised that he didn't say anything bad during his speech."
Jeff: "Ya I was happy about that, too."
Jordan: "I wasn't gonna give him a hug."

Ladies & gentlemen, meet your new HOH...

Jordan: "I can't wait to see pictures of your boy!" (Kevin's husband)

Kevin: "I hope my parents are watching."
Natalie: "Hopefully this show will help you restore your relationship with your parents!"
Kevin: "Who knows."

7:37pm BBT:

Kevin: "There was no twist! I was TOTALLY waiting for it!"
Natalie: "I know. No twist!"

**Wait until Kevin goes up to the HOH room tonight! ;-) lol

7:46pm BBT:
Red Room

Natalie: "Final 4, dude!" (she's in a Final 2 deal with Kev which makes her Final 4.)

Kevin told Natalie that Jeff & Michele are going up.

Kevin: "I feel like I just ran a marathon."
Natalie: "You did! That's probably 4 miles you ran. A mini marathon."

Kevin: "You BETTER win HOH next week!"
Natalie: "I will! Next week will be a memory comp. 100% (positive)!"
Kevin: "The only way (the plan wouldn't work) is if Jordan wins the veto."

**If Jordan won the POV, she'd take Jeff off, and Natalie would have to go up next to Michele. That would leave Jeff/Jordan as the only 2 votes to decide if Michele or Natalie goes.

Natalie is pushing Kevin to evict Michele. (We are all well aware how much Natalie hates Michele, so this shouldn't be a shock. lol)

Over on Camera 3 & Camera 4, Michele is having a breakdown.


**Feed watchers, any of ya'll feel like jumping through your computers to hug her, too? Or is it just me? :(

Can't blame the girl for crying. Her Final 2 partner just left, she's alone in the game (she knows Jeff/Jordan will take each other & Natalie/Kev will take each other to the end), and she said that if Russell leaves, she knows she's next out of the door. In Michele's mind, this is pretty much game over.

8:34pm BBT:
Kevin & Natalie are packing up their stuff to move up to the HOH room. (Natalie is spending the week with him.) Michele is moving her stuff to the Red Room.

Kev/Jordo/Michele/Nat are hoping for a clothes luxury comp next week.

Jeff is finally out of the Diary Room.

He farted 4 times in the span of 2 minutes. Jordan said "Eww!"

Random chit-chat between Jeff/Natalie/Jordan/Kevin. Michele is in the Diary Room.

Natalie: "She (Michele) was crying in the bathroom."
Jeff: "She was?"
Natalie: "I didn't see her, but I saw her come out & her eyes were all red."
Jeff: "I don't know why, but I don't think she was giving it her all during the HOH comp."
Jordan: "Really? I do."
Natalie: "I think after she saw Kevin in the lead, she slowed down."

8:52pm BBT:
Talk turns to the Jury House.
They talk about how there's no cameras.

Jordan: "Do you think people have sex in the Jury House?"
Jeff: "F*ck yeah! I'm going to be jerkin' off all over that place."
Kevin chuckles.

**Friendly Reminder: Big Brother After Dark has started on Showtime2! ;-)

Kevin just told Jordan/Jeff that Michele is going up & is his target. (Natalie is also in the room.) Kevin said she threw him 'under the bus' too many times.

Jeff does some Michele bashing.

Natalie see's it as a prime spot to fit in her 'I hate Michele' speech.

Natalie: "If I would have won, I would have unleashed the rath on her! How you (Jordan) felt about Russell, I feel about Michele."

**Kevin should get his HOH room around 1am EST/12am Central, if BB is following the normal HOH reveal schedule. Hopefully we will all know what the twist is then! (The door with the question mark was on a door in the HOH room.)

Jeff & Jordan are back in their original bed that they shared for weeks.

Jeff said it feels good to be back (in their orig. bed).

Jeff is teasing Jordan because Jeff kept telling Jordan "There's a hole in your cup! There's a HOLE in your cup!!" during the HOH comp, and she never plugged it. Instead, she discovered it on her own & said "There's a hole in my cup!"

Jeff: "What were you thinking about?"
Jordan: "About the comp."

10:02pm BBT:
Kevin is now in the Diary Room. When he comes out, we'll see his HOH room. (And possibly the mystery that's hiding behind a door in the HOH room!! :D )

Random chit-chat between Jordan/Jeff/Natalie continues.

10:06pm BBT:
Kevin: "WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM!!?!!" (dances a little bit)

**So far, notta on the mystery door. :( Blahh!

Kevin read his letter from his boy & I gotta be honest...I cried. lol It was so sweet!!!! :D

And here is Kevin (left) and his boy Alfonso (I hope I spelled that right!)

Kevin's man is a super hottie, btw! ;-) *tiger growwlll*

The HG's think his man looks like Enrique Iglesias, which is ironically the CD Kevin got in his HOH basket. lol

And I want that hoodie! lol Kevin LOOOOOVES the hoodie he got in his HOH basket. He said he doesn't think his boy bought that, maybe BB did.

All the HG's go downstairs (including Kevin), per Kevin's request for all 5 of them to hang out.

BB: "Kevin, please go to the Diary Room."

Okie dokie, guys & gals..I'm outty for the night! ;-) Come back tomorrow morning for the Overnighter!! :D Wanna watch the feeds? No problem! Get'em right here! G'dnight, ya'll!!

Stay tuned...

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