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Monday, August 24, 2009

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

Continuing from the previous post.

Currently on the live feeds...

4:12pm BBT:
Natalie goes outside and sits by Russell.
Natalie: "Jeff keeps going off (about you)."

Natalie tells Russ that she's made it clear that she's still gonna talk to Russell.
Russell: "Jeff is going to win this game. He has the house by the balls."

**Russell is doing, what I think is, laying the ground work for a future convo with Kevin. He's being open, honest, saying he's going home already, etc etc. I'm pretty sure that Russell will try to get Kevin/Michele to vote for him to stay and make a Final 3 deal between all of them to get Jeff/Jordan out, but I'm wondering when he'll approach him with that idea.

Natalie goes inside.
Russell brings up how Jeff has made gay comments (such as using the f*g word) and just 2 nights ago, Jeff said that watching 90210 is "gay". Kevin says "I know.", confirming he has heard those comments.

Kevin seems receptive to Russell & they're having a good convo.

The whole Chima/Terroist comment topic comes up. Kevin said he did not like how Chima said that about Russ and that he tried to not laugh when others were laughing, but maybe his effort wasn't good enough.

Kevin: "I told her, Chima..this will make you look bad! It's going to come across as HORRIBLE and as a racist. Then finally, she stopped. It is what it is. When you say it, it is."

4:28pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Russell is telling Nat/Kev that it makes no sense for Jeff to be mad at him for making a Final 2 deal with Michele even though Jeff/Jordan are Final 2 together, and how he didn't want Russ to even talk to Michele, but yet they were all in a Final 4 deal together.

Russell: "And I couldn't talk to you (Kev & Nat), because then I was going against our alliance (Final 4). I had nobody else but Michele to turn to (for a Final 2 deal)."

Natalie: "That makes sense!"

Natalie is now talking about how Michele over-reacts about stuff. They bring up the pulling-covers-off-of-Michele incident the other night. She says that she can't stand Michele. Kevin says that she makes it too well known who she doesn't like, like she did with Lydia.

4:40pm BBT:
Kevin said he doesn't like how Jeff brought family into the game & the whole 'cut your throat' comment during their fight. Russell again says that Jeff has this game in the bag already.

Natalie: "I HAVE to win HOH next week, my back is against the wall."
Kevin: "Yeah, we have start winning shit."

5:06pm BBT:
Everybody except Russ
Jeff is going off..again..about Russell.

Russ isn't tough, he wants to stab Russ in the neck...Wash.Rinse.Repeat.

Kevin: "I have a feeling it's not done yet." (Russell talking smack, etc.)

**Sidenote: It's important to note that earlier during Michele/Russell's talk in the kitchen, Russ asked Michele if he should try to get Kevin's vote & she said "No.". Also, around 4:30pm BBT, Michele & Jeff were alone in the HOH and they 'made up', so to speak. She's making her Final 3 deal with Jeff & Jordan solid. She told Jeff she was just playing Russell the whole time.

Russell Approaches Kevin with the Deal

(I mentioned this scenario yesterday, and Russell is pitching it to Kevin.)

6:00pm BBT:
Pool Table

In the past 15 minutes, Russell has pitched (in detail) the idea to Kevin of keeping him (Russ) this week. He tells him that Jeff "blew his load" too soon and proved that he's a liar. Meanwhile, Russ gives examples of him being honest & true to his word (ex: telling Jeff that him/Jordan were safe if Jeff dropped first during the endurance comp, voting for Jessie to stay because he gave his word, etc.)

Russell also tells Kevin that (1) He's gonna be the biggest target in the house. (2) He's going to be gunning for Jeff hardcore.

Kevin: "Hmm..that's true."

Kevin asked Russ if he thinks Michele is really pissed at Jeff, and Russ says "Oh yeah! Definitley!" (basically, Kev is asking if Russ would have Michele's vote.)

Kevin: "Wow, that's alot to think about."
Russell: "And Jeff can't even play this week. He's banking on Jordan winning."

Russ is doing a fine job at selling Kevin! He's tellng him that it's at the point in the game where Kevin can't hide in the background's time to step up to the plate.

Russell: "Just don't tell Natalie about our conversation, because I'm not trying to throw her under the bus."
Kevin: "And don't take this conversation as me committing to anything."
Russell: "You can even talk to Michele yourself and feel her out."
Kevin: "Mm I'd rather you do that, because I can't read Michele for shit."
Russell: "She went into the (storage room or workout room, I didnt hear) and was crying after the veto ceremony...because Jeff lied to her, too!"
Kevin: "See, now I didn't know that."

Talk continues...
Kevin: "Wait..who's all voting this week?"
Russell: "Just 3 people: you, Jordan, and Michele."
Kevin: "Oh! Hmm.."
Rusell: "One of them is you, and the other one (Michele) is pissed (at Jeff)."

Kevin: "I'd be a big, scary move."
Russell: "But you gotta do a big move in this game to get somewhere."
Kevin: "I know."

Pool game is over & Russell goes inside.

Kevin sings to himself: "Do you think I'm stuuupidd?"

(Either he means that he's already thought about this plan, or that there's no way in hell he's gonna commit to it. I'm leaning more towards the 2nd one.)

Kevin goes into the Red Room, puts his clothes away, and then lays down to think. (Natalie is sleeping.)

Meanwhile, Jordan is in the Workout Room counting the stuff on the wall:

5:56pm BBT:
Jeff is outside smoking on the BY couch.

Jeff & Jordan are still counting stuff on the wall in the Workout Room.

7:48pm BBT:
*Russell is sleeping in the Pool Room.
*Jeff & Jordan are still counting things in the Workout Room.
*Nat/Kevin are sleeping in the Red Room.
*Michele is napping in the HOH room. (Not on any cams.)

7:55pm BBT:
BB: "Jeff, please go to the Diary Room."

8:24pm BBT:
Everybody is now sleeping. (I think Jeff is still in the Diary Room.)

**And...I'm outta here for the night. ;-) The HG's should be waking up for BB: After Dark on Showtime2 at 12am EST, so feed watchers & Showtime watchers, don't despire. :P I'll back in the morning with the Overnighter as usual! G'dnight BB fans!! :D

Pss...Jeff is indeed inside the Diary Room, because he's on Twitter right now. LOL :P Here's his Tweets:

Hey everybody it's jeff your new HOH. This experience is soooo amazing and being HOH finally has made it that much better! I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who voted for me to get the magical power. It helped me so much i can't thank you enough!!! Without that power i might not have made it this far so THANKS! The hardest part about the BB house so far for me is no music in here and you can't sing either as you know. Don't get me wrong some of the people in this house drive me bananas on a daily basis, but i guess that comes with being in the BB house. Sometimes throughout the day i find myself getting frustrated with people or different situation because your mind is always going crazy. But then i have to remind myself what an honor it is to be here, and im thankful everyday for this experience. well enough about the everyday grind in here, im sure you wanna hear about me and jordan a little bit?????? Jordan is really one of the nicest people i have ever met in my life. im not sure how she's coming off on tv. Because she says a lot of crazy things in hear everyday even i don't understand sometimes..but her heart is in the right the place and that's one of the things i like most about her. the sweet things aside, because she is a sweetheart, no news to report on gettin down and dirty ha ha. Jordan is a sweet girl and i respect that..... dosen't mean im gonna stop trying?????? ha By the way, these competitions we have in here are even crazier and more fun than they look on tv there great! Well my times up, thanks again for the votes and im going to do my best to get to the final 2! Thanks for watching and the support and hopefully i'll be back soon!!!

Source: BigBrotherHOH on Twitter

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