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Monday, August 31, 2009

Early Afternoon in the BB House (Veto Ceremony Spoiler)

At 12pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means the Veto Ceremony is underway!

Will Michele actually use the POV to save Jeff instead of herself?? Does the key Jeff found in Pandora's box mean anything about today's Veto Ceremony? We'll find out shortly!! :D

12:47pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

12:47pm BBT:
Red Room

Kevin: "He gone! He gone, right?"
Natalie: "Yeah, he gone."
Kevin: "Everything is happening (how we planned it.)

12:50pm BBT:

No talking (about the game). Here & there talking about their food that they're eating.

The Veto was:

USED (Michele saved herself.)

Jordan & Jeff are on the block.

Natalie: "Jeff & Jordan on the block! (big smile) Jessie, Russell & Lydia are all gonna love you (Kevin) when they watch the tape! The Coup d'etat didn't save yo' ass this week, did it?!"

1:00pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jeff: "He (Kevo) is gonna be so far up her ass, because he knows I'm gonna try to get her vote (to stay)."

Jordan started to ask him a question about something Natalie said...
Jeff: "Don't ask my any questions Jordan, because I seriously don't know anymore. Everytime somebody tells you something in here, think the opposite."

Jordan tells Jeff to not "throw stones" at Kevin because she doesn't wanna deal with it.

Jordan: "All you need it Natalie's vote."
Jeff: "Yeah but Kevin is up her ASS! So..."
Jordan: "I should be the one upset. I'm going to the jury house."
Jeff: "No you won't! Stop saying that."
Jordan: "I don't want to see (Kevo) win."
Jeff: "No shit."

Jeff is now talking about Michele.

Jeff: "Everything out of her mouth is a f*ckin' lie! She's going crazy."
Jordan: "She's coming after me, so that's why you should stay."
Jeff: "All (Natalie) is gonna say (when I ask for her vote) is 'I gotta be loyal to Kevin'."


Jeff: "Wanna make out?"
Jordan: "Mmm hmm." (..but they don't.)
Jeff: "We're gonna be split up this week. There's no way around it. We gone."
Jordan: "I never thought I'd make it this far. The money would nice, but I would wanna feel like I (deserved to win) it."

Jeff: "If I could stay, I would go after him so f*ckin' hard." (Kevin)
Jordan: "If I stay, which I don't think I will, I'll go after him."

It appears that Jeff & Jordan have talked themselves to sleep.

1:21pm BBT:
*Jordo/Jeff are sleeping.
*Kevin is in the Red Room sleeping.
*Natalie is in the Diary Room.
*Haven't seen Michele once since the feeds came back.

1:54pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown." They all go outside.

**BB is trying to wake'em up.

2:02pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, the lockdown is over." They all go back inside.

Sidenote: Jordan was in the Diary Room during the lockdown & still is.

2:07pm BBT:
Red Room

Kevin: "Jordan left the game." (giggles)
Natalie: "They would have told us."
They both lay back down.

2:09pm BBT:
Michele is up and in the kitchen.

Michele is now laying down on the bathroom lounger.

2:31pm BBT:
Jordan is now out of the Diary Room and is talking to Michele in the bathroom.

Michele: "You were in the Diary Room when we were on lockdown."
Jordan: "Really?"
Michele: "Yeah. (laughs) I was like OOoo maybe she has some sort of secret power." (laughs)
Jordan: "Pft. I wish."

BB: "Michele, please go to the Diary Room."

Jordan then goes into the Workout Room where Jeff is and lays down with him.

3:10pm BBT:
Workout Room

Natalie is trying to convince Jordan that she should stay (over Jeff) and to not campaign to get evicted. Natalie also reminds her of their Final 2 deal together (Jord/Nat) and to trust her (Nat).

Natalie: "Why would you wanna leave and throw away your oppurtunity to win? Your mom would be so mad! And I'm voting to evict Jeff, sorry, but I am. Tell Jeff my mind is made up. It's going to be 1 to 1 and Kevin is gonna send Jeff out. It's already sealed. It's done."

Jordan: "Did you say, in your goodbye message, that you were gonna send Russell a birthday present & it'd be Jeff?"
Natalie: "NO!" (she blabs another lie)

Natalie: "I need you to be strong, because your my partner!" (**yeah right.)

Natalie then tells Jordo that she needs her help next week to get out Michele.
Convo is over, Natalie leaves. Jordan stays in the Workout Room to think.

Stay tuned...

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