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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Overnighter (Cliffnotes Edition)

Gooood morning to the West Coasters, and Good Afternoon to those of you on the East Coast & Central!! Today is Monday in the BB house and that means today is the Veto Ceremony! Will there be any surprises? We'll find out! ;) But first, let me gather the Overnighter & then we'll drive right into the Morning/Afternoon post.

Okay, it looks like I did most of the coverage last night before I stopped at 9pm BBT. So I'll just give a couple of Cliffnotes and then start the morning/afternoon post! :D

  • Today he HG's also get to find out how much money they won during the Mystery Door Twist.

  • Natalie & Kevin decided to play a little game last night: To walk into a room and see how long before it clears out. (Yes, this was actually fun to them. lol)

  • Natalie told Kevin that he better not f*ck her over (during today's Veto Ceremony), he said won't.

  • Kevin said (to Natalie) that Jeff isn't even trying to stay. Meanwhile, Jeff told Jordan last night that he's gonna wait until the last minute to talk to 'them' so that they dont' have time to pick apart his offer & turn it into something negative.

  • Jeff & Jordan talked about going to Hawaii together. They tried to make a 'deal'. She wanted nice earrings, he wanted sex, Jordan said no to the sex, he said he'd have to find a girl in Hawaii to have sex with then. (lol)

  • Jordan still wants to go to the Jury House so that Jeff can stay. (She says she can't at any comps, she's bad the game, and that if wasn't for Jeff she would have been gone a long time ago.)

  • And that's it for the Overnighter! ;-)
    Alrighty, starting a new post!

    Stay tuned...

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