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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Good evening guys & gals! Tonight's episode sadly didn't show anything about the Mystery Door. (Didn't Julie say we'd find out today?) Anyways, they did show that on Tuesday we will finally see the whole Mystery Door thing, along with the POV Comp & Veto Ceremony.

Before I dive into the Evening post & turn the live feeds back on, let's first get caught up on what happened this afternoon:

*At 3:05pm BBT, Nat/Jordan were hanging out by the pool. Natalie said that if Michele wins HOH this week, then she's the next one to get evicted. Jordan says if it was between Natalie and Kevin on the block, she would pick Natalie. Natalie told Jordan she'd pick her (Jordan) over Kevin. (**No she wouldn't.)

**Natalie is obviously playing Jordan, and she's falling for it as usual.

*Jordan kept pressing Natalie to get rid of Kevin, then they could be Final 2 together. Natalie agreed.

*Michele found Natalie & Kevin's events/dates calendar they made in the Red Room.

*At 6:05pm BBT, Kevin told Natalie he thinks it their events calendar was messed with. He's "100% sure" it was.

Currently on the live feeds...

6:27pm BBT:
Pool Table

Natalie: "F*ckin' skank looking at our calendar."
Kevin: "What?"
Natalie: "Stupid skank lookin' at our calendar."
Kevin: "Oh. I know."

Speaking of 6:29pm BBT, she goes outside.

6:39pm BBT:
*Nat/Kev are playing pool. No game talk at all between the two.
*Michele is in the backyard (but off camera at the moment.)
*Jordan/Jeff are in the Workout Room.

6:41pm BBT:
Jordan is now outside (Jeff is still in the house.)

Natalie is telling Jordan to make out with Jeff while she can because she's voting Jeff out. Jordan says she has been making out with Jeff lately.

Natalie asked Jordan if she can paint her toenails for her later. She said she can try.

Natalie: "Chima used to paint my toenails but she's not here."

6:47pm BBT:
Natalie says she wants to take her boyfriend to the wrap party and if he can't make it, she wants to bring Chima if she's allowed to go. (**I'm gonna go with a big-fat NO on that one. :P)

6:52pm BBT:
All 4 feeds on Kevin/Jordan/Natalie on the backyard couches.

Michele is speed walking around the backyard & walks in front of the camera about every 45 seconds.

Natalie said that she *needs* to win HOH so that she can see pics of her boyfriend & her dad, otherwise she would go the whole game without seeing them. (She's trying to plant the seed in Jordan's head to throw the HOH comp to Natalie if she can.)

Natalie told Kevin that she didn't expect his boyfriend to look so hot.
Kevin: "So what you're saying is, you thought he'd be ugly."

Natalie says no, she thought he'd look like a "beaner". (She says it in a way that isn't offensive...something about that's how mexicans talk to each other? She talks a mile a minute and it's hard to translate what the heck she meant but Kevin didn't take offense to it at all.)

7:06pm BBT:
*Michele is still speed walking in the BY.
*Kevin/Natalie/Jordan are currently talking about the Mystery Door.

Kevin: "I had to be careful of what was behind the door because of the whole Coup d'etat thing."

7:20pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Kevin (lied) to Jordan and said that Michele is gunning for her (Jordo) next week.
Natalie: "It's us 3 against her next week! We can get her out."

Jordan goes inside after some Michele bashing.

Kevin: "I need to make a Final 2 with Jordan, just in case she wins HOH next week."

Jordan goes back outside, as Jeff sits inside & eats.

Natalie is also inside the house, giving Kevin/Jordan private time so that Kevin can make a Final 2 deal with Jordo.

Kevin: "It's a toss up (for jury votes) if it was me & you. Natalie for sure has Jessie, for sure has Russell. She has Jeff's vote because he f*ckin' hates me right now."

Jordan: "He's just disappointed you didn't stick to the deal, but he said it was good move for you do."

Jeff comes outside & goes to the hammock alone.
Natalie also comes outside.

BB: "Natalie, please go to the Diary Room."

Talk starts back up.

Kevin: "I think you'd get America's vote, too. I think you & Jeff are getting a cute edit (on the show). Plus you've been all sweet & nice in the game."

Jordan goes over to Jeff in the hammock.

Jordan tells Jeff that (according to Natalie) Michele is gunning for Jordo next week because she hasn't done anything in the game.

Jeff: "Natalie hasn't done ANYTHING in the game, so that doesn't make sense. Jordan, they're playing you. They're telling you that so that you'll go after Michele next week, too."

Feeds auto-switch to...

7:48pm BBT:

Kevin is telling Michele that because Jeff is "soooo upset", that he can't keep him at this point because he'd gun for him next week. Michele said he's just down & out right now and to not take it personally. Kevin says he is still considering "all options" but his mind is pretty much made up: Jeff is going home.

Michele: "Thanks for being honest."

Kevin goes back outside.
Michele stands there looking irritated & shaking her 'no' as she eats something.

Kevin is now telling Natalie about his Final 2 talk with Jordan on the backyard couches.

7:54pm BBT:

Jordan asked Michele if she said "a person who hasn't won anything should leave" (which is true, Michele did say that...about Nat.)

Jordan said she doesn't want things put in her head to make her fight with Michele. Michele says that's what "they" will do, though. Michele tells her she's been honest & she's also had to stay alot of stuff to just stay in the game.

Their convo is broken up by Natalie pretending to need to wash her hands in the kitchen area.

8:06pm BBT:
*Jordan is in the shower.
*Michele/Kevin/Natalie are on the backyard couch. (Kev/Nat playing cards)
*Jeff is off-camera (still on hammock?)

8:23pm BBT:
Workout Room

Michele tells Jeff he has her vote. 100%. Not going back on it. Jeff tells Michele to not trust Natalie or Kevin, she says she doesn't.

Michele: "There is no more trust in this game anymore. It's all about winning things (HOH/POV)."
Jeff: "Pretty much."
Michele: "You don't win, you go home. That's pretty much it."
Jeff: "That's why you need a strong player (here)."

Michele also told Jeff that she doesnt' think she can without him there (against Nat/Kevin).

Michele: "I told Kevin if he doesnt keep you (Jeff) here, that next week I'll get him out & I have the votes. So tell him that."

Jordan enters @ 8:36pm BBT. She tells them that the handle on the sliding glass door is broke. (Kevin told the Diary Room about it so they can fix it.)

Michele says her mission is to get Natalie out.

**Alrighty ya'll, I'm outta here! I'm gonna watch Big Brother After Dark until 2am (my time) then go to bed. I'll be up in the morning doin the Overnigher! :D G'dnight!! Psss...I'll still be online moderating comments until I go to bed, so feel free to leave a comment! ;-)

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Stay tuned...

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