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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Well BB fans, tonight's episode didn't give us any hope of something happening on Thursday, so it's not looking good for Jeff at all. However, I'm still not totally sold on the idea that Jeff finding the key doesn't mean anything. The Mystery Door was said to be a "twist" (as said by Julie Chen), but not a "power" (as said by Allison Grodner). So far, there's no "twist" factor to the mystery door thing. There's no consequence or changes. Either way, we'll know for sure on Thursday if Jeff is really a goner & if there's anything more to the mystery door twist. :)

Since my last post this afternoon, there hasn't been much action to report. Natalie put a scrunchie around the sprayer at the kitchen sink & when Michele turned the water on, she got sprayed. She took it as a funny joke and in good stride, but Natalie announced that there's more pranks to come to the whole house.

Natalie still hasn't said yes or no to the deal that Michele/Jeff offered her (which was safety for the next week & they'd even throw the HOH comp to her). Natalie told Kevin that there's no way she's taking the deal, but she'll wait to the last minute to tell them no (she's playing with Jeff & Michele's emotions on purpose.)

Jordan & Jeff have come to terms with their seperation coming up on Thursday's eviction episode & they have been spending a lot of time together. They're both sad but I think it's pretty obvious that their relationship will continue outside the BB house. Here are a few shots of them together from earlier tonight:

If you have Showtime2, Big Brother After Dark has already started! :) I'm gonna watch it and relax for the night, but I'll be back in the morning as always to deliver the Overnighter! ;-)

If you wanna watch the house cameras from your computer, then you need to get the live feeds! See ya'll tomorrow! :D

Stay tuned...

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