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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

The day in the BB house is half-way over. Jeff got his suitcase and has started packing. Jeff fans, this is a sad day.

Currently on the live feeds...

3:00pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jeff is packing up his clothes.

He gave Jordan lounge pants & a tshirt of his for her to wear when he's gone tomorrow.

Jordan: "I want your smell on it. Where's your spray?"
Jeff: "Over there. Go ahead."

4:20pm BBT:
In the Red Room, Natalie has been teasing Kevin by saying that if she got Jeff's Hawaii trip, that it might the thing to make her change her mind. Kevin doesn't think it's funny.

Kevin: "You really don't like life, do you?"

4:37pm BBT:
Jordan just got done with her Diary Room session. She told Jeff that she got "choked up a bit" and had to take a break during her goodbye (to Jeff) message.

4:50pm BBT:

Michele is taking control of the ant infestation by spraying the cabinets in the kitchen with a large dose of Raid bug spray. Jeff just ate some soup. Jordan is making a sandwhich.

5:10pm BBT:
Jeff was hiding under pillows in the Workout Room, as Jordan tried to find him.

Jordan: "Jeff?? Jeff!! (To Michele) Is he pooing?"
Jordan walks into the Workout Room....

Jordan: "I knew these pillows were too..perfect. Like in the shape of a body! Did you see me come in here?"
Jeff: "Yeah, you were like Jeaaayyaaff!"

Michele is also in the Workout Room.

5:40pm BBT:
Workout Room

A picture that is just too cute for words. :)

Jeff & Jordan are awake now & having some flirty moments.

Jeff: "I better grill the pork chops before we go on lockdown."

Jeff grabs the pork chops from the fridge, goes outside, & turns the grill on.

6:17pm BBT:
Jeff goes to the bathroom, as Jordan is heading out of the bathroom. They take a quick second to do a walk-by flirting before going in opposite directions.

Jordan heads outside, sits on the backyard couch and starts smiling from ear to ear.

6:21pm BBT:
Jeff is outside, tending to the grill.

(In case you were wondering, Kevin/Nat are in the Red Room still. They're playing chess.)

Jeff: "It's ovaahh."

Jeff: "Should I water the garden one last time?" (He's the only one who watered it all the time.)

Jeff: "It's symbolic...the garden is dead. I'm dead. (pause) It's a wasteland!"

Jordan: "That's funny because I was just thinking that the two things you cared about the most was the garden and the pool!" (giggles)

Jeff heads over to the pool to do his pool duties one last time.

Jeff: "It's official. My duties here are done. Thanks for playin'."

Jordan: "Jeff, one of us are gonna be able to see our cell phone tomorrow!"
Jeff: "Oh yeah, maybe! I probably forgot how to text."

Jeff tends to the pork chops on the grill.

Jeff looks up in the corner of the backyard & he spots the spider (that was shown on one of the BB epsiodes about 4 weeks ago.)

Jeff: "Man, look at how big he is now!"
He turns his attention back to the grill.

More Jeff & Jordan cuteness...

**Alrighty guys & gals, I'm outty for the night. I'm heading out an hour earlier than usual because I'm feeling a little under the weather. Gonna get a good nights sleep & hopefully be back to normal tomorrow! :) Don't forget, BB After Dark starts at 12am EST/11pm Central on Showtime2! See ya'll back here in the morning for the Overnighter! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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