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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans across the land! It's Live Eviction day in the Big Brother house, where Jeff or Jordan will be going home (most likely Jeff at this point.) Will there a be a twist tonight? Who knows! Your guess is as good as mine. :P

Alrighty, I'm gonna go gather up the Overnighter & I'll be posting it as I get it done, so keep refreshing about every 15 mins! :D

10:28pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

As Jordan & Michele had another "we have to win this week!" convo, Jeff came outside from the Diary Room and told her to join him in the Diary Room, per BB's request.

An hour later, they finally emerged from the D.R. saying "That was fun!" (I'm sure we'll see that clip on tonights show!)

11:15pm BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie, once again, cheated at chess & Kevin wasn't letting it go this time. He told her time & time again that she was wrong & was changing rules to fit her situation.

Kevin looked right in the camera and said...

Kevin: "America, this biz-o is a cheater!" (**We know, Kev. lol)

11:25pm BBT:
Natalie & Kevin decided to do another prank, with Michele's unstable emotions as the target. (They're trying to mess with her head & emotions for today's HOH comp.) So they put a rubber band around the sink's sprayer. Michele was about to do dishes and...well....

...she got sprayed. (If you look closely at the pic, you can see the water being sprayed on her face & over her head.)

Michele laughed it off at first, but then she looked like she was going to have a break down. She tried to go into the Diary Room (not knowing J/J were still in there), then she went into the Pool Room and was roaming aimlessly. Later on, Natalie told Michele it was just a prank, it was funny, and that she's trying to "lighten the mood in the house". (**Uh huh.)

12:55am BBT:
Main Bathroom

The pranks continue. This time, it's saran wrap on the toilet seat.

1:03am BBT:

Jeff got out of bed to get some water & go pee. Before he makes his way to the bathroom, he asked Natalie if she's down with the deal, or no. She says no. Jeff reminds Natalie that Kevin stabbed Jeff in the back and if that's who she wants to "roll with" to the end, then whatever.

Jeff then heads to the bathroom (with the toliet seat still saran wrapped.)

As Jeff is peeing, Kevin joins Natalie at the kitchen counter & whisper-yells at her about telling Jeff "no" to the deal so soon because "the whole point" of making him wait was to mess with Michele's head.

Natalie: "What was I supposed to tell him?"
Kevin: "That you'd sleep on it!"

Jeff is now done peeing. He didn't fall for the prank. You can hear him rip it off the saran wrap & when he comes out, Natalie told him...

Natalie: "It was Michele (that put saran wrap on the toliet). Not us. Just so you know."
Jeff: "I don't give a f*ck." (He's pissed & walks back to the Pool Room with his water.)

1:35am BBT:
Red Room

Michele talked to Natalie about getting Kevin out next & she wants to team with Natalie to make sure that happens. Natalie says *if* she wins HOH, she'll put him up on the block. (Anybody else have a feeling that she's gonna throw this HOH comp as well to keep the blood off of her hands again?)

Natalie tells Michele that Kevin/Nat had a Final 4 deal but that ended at midnight. (**For the record, she has a Final 2 deal with Kevo.) Michele wants to make a Final 2 deal with Natalie (just to cover her bases for her own game) and Natalie tells Michele she has "prove" her trustworthy to her this week before that happens. Michele said okay.

1:55am BBT:
Pool Room

**This convo is do I say it...graphic. lol :P I'm gonna censor it (for younger fans of the blog & those of you at work) as best as I can, but without destroying the humor in it.

Michele: "But seriously, my crot*h hurts! Just to let you guys know." (laughs)
Jeff: "I wish my crot*h hurt!"
Michele: (laughing) "Why?"
Jeff: "To have some feeling down there, I dunno." (laughs)

Jeff asked her why he crot*h hurts, Michele said due to sitting in a wet bathing suit all day & that's not good for "girly parts".

Jeff: "Does *it* get all pruny? Like fingers?"

Per Jordan's request, Jeff starts talking about what 'male goodies' do in cold water.

Jeff: "If you're in a pool with cold water, it's over!"
Jordan: "Is it hard or is it soft?"
Jeff: "Dude, it's non-existent! You're lucky if you even have a d*ck!"
Jordan: "So, wait..then if your hot, it gets hard?"
Jeff: "No! You don't get hard if you're hot. You know what's weird is, your balls control your temperature."
Jordan: "WhhhAAAAT???"
Jeff: "Yeah, yeah. Like if it's boiling hot, you're n*ts are gonna sag lower."
Jordan: "EWWW!"
Jeff: "'s true though! And if it's really cold, your n*ts will be all up on you."
Jordan: "Eww! Is it kinda like when a girls n*pples get hard?"
Michele: "No, not really." (giggles)
Jeff: "Not really."
Jordan: "So wait...why do guys wake up with b*ners?"
Jeff: "Because..they're thinking about jammin some chick?" (laughs)
Jordan: "But what if you didn't dream about some chick, what else could be the reason to be hard?"
Jeff: "Ya gotta be thinkin' about some chick!"
Jordan: "That's the only thing?"
Jeff: "Well you're not gonna be (dreaming about) getting chased by a mountain lion and get a b*ner!"

(Michele is laughing in the background. lol)

Jordan: "What if you wake up & have to pee real bad. Does that make you hard?"
Jeff: ""
Jordan: "Like, in the mornin'?"
Jeff: "Maybe! No. It doesn't, because when I have to pee real bad, I don't get a b*ner."
Jordan: "Is it hard to pee with a b*ner?"
Jeff: "Yeah! Because, gotta aim it right in there, ya know? Ya gotta wait until it goes down a little."
Jordan: "Because it's like, frozen?"
Jeff: "Yeah! It's like a jackknife."
Jordan: "Wooww!! Do you like waking up hard?"
Jeff: "Do I like it? I dunno. I dun care. I mean, it's like I wake up and go 'It's gonna be a good day, I got a huge b*ner!"

They all laugh.

Jordan: "If you don't wha** off, does it hurt if you don't use it? If you wake up hard & you don't get rid of your..."
Jeff: "Oh! No, no no. Like blue b*lls?"

Jordan wants to know what "blue b*lls" means. Jeff explains it to her.
Jeff: "If you don't get off, you get blue b*lls."
Jordan: "Have you ever had blue b*lls?"
Jeff: "No, I always finish the job."
Jordan: "Always?"
Jeff: "Yeah! If I don't finish over there, you better believe I'm goin' home and finishing up."

**If you wanna watch this for yourself on the Flashback Feeds, start at 1:55am BBT. It's worth the watch! lol :D

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter! Starting a new post right now! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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