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Friday, September 4, 2009

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

At 9:30am BBT, the HG's were woken up but they didn't get up until around 10am.

The only thing we missed today was Natalie telling Kevin what her speech might be for today's Nomination Ceremony:

Natalie: "Kevin I nominated you for strategic reasons, Michele I nominated you for personal reasons. Or something like that."

And just moments ago, the Final 4 got their Final 4 dinning table! A real symbol of how far they have truly come.

Currently on the live feeds...

Michele is eating at their new table. (It's so tiny!)

11:38am BBT:

Natalie is talking...which means she's lying again. :P She's telling Jordo that she's been "honest" to her 100% the whole game, she's sticking to her word (of putting up Kevin today), and making her believe they're still in a Final 2 deal together. Jordan says she's still gonna fight hard for the POV.

Jordan: "Does Kevin know (he's going up)?"
Natalie: "No!"
Jordan: "..because he was acting weird."

Natalie is saying how happy she is to be HOH and she's in the Final 3. Talk then turns to Michele.

Natalie: "Michele is goin' home (this week)! I want her gone!"
Jordan: "Oh, I know!"
Natalie: "And I kinda want Michele gone before Kevin, really."

Jordan, again, says she's gonna fight hard for the POV. (**Good girl.)

All feeds are now on Kevin laying out in the sun.

All is quiet.

Jordo is tanning.

Natalie is in the HOH room, doing nothing.

12:33pm BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie is going over her 10 minute speech for today's speech during the nomination ceremony. She plans on ripping Michele apart verbally by saying that she's the reason that Chima threw her mic in the hot tub (umm WHAT?!?!!), and dissing her religion as a Christian & how she's been acting.

Natalie: "Michele, I feel that you're a backstabbing liar and that the way you played this game is unethical, and I don't feel like you deserve to be here. Michele, what you did to Chima was the ultimate betrayal, and it's despicable what you've done to her. Michele, 4 weeks ago, I almost wanted to go home & it was because of you. You betrayed Chima . Michele you say you dedicated your life to Christian values, well...due to your actions, you threw those Christian values away. I'm also a Christian, Michele. And if there's one thing I learned as a Christian, is to not make a deal with the devil. And Michele, you offered me a deal a couple days ago (to save Jeff and go to Final 3). Well Michele, obviously I declined your deal, because if I would have made a deal with you, it would have been me making a deal with Satan herself. And yes this is a game, and yes you have to lie, but you don't need to sell your soul to the devil in order to win this game. And if the only way to win this game is by selling my soul my devil, well then I guess I'm not gonna win Michele."

Kevin said he's gonna do the whole "hey I understand you nominating me, it's okay" speech that everybody does after nominations. Then he'll go to Michele and trash talk Natalie but won't go overboard on it.

Natalie: "I'm doing this to avenge Chima!"

1:11pm BBT:
Natalie still going on & on.

Natalie: "I want vengence for Chima! I want to be the one to take Michele out!"

Switching feeds to...

1:22pm BBT:

Both gals are in the pool talking about love and how "you just *know*" when you meet 'the one'.

Michele & Jordan are saying that they're gonna give it their best to win the POV.

2:20pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Michele/Jordan in the pool.

Random chit-chatter. From Kev/Nat probably thinking they're scheming outside (when they're really tanning), to who they think would vote for who in the Jury House, to memories of Jeff.

3:16pm BBT:
Natalie is again practicing her speech in front of Kevin, dressed in her HOH robe and Kevin's orange crown, and sunglasses. (She plans on wearing this during her nomination speech.)

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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