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Monday, August 31, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Up until recently, the past couple of hours have been rather uneventful. As of 6:40pm BBT, Jordan/Jeff/Michele are up.

Currently on the live feeds...

6:43pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

They're going over where they went wrong in the game. Jordan said they should have got rid of Kevin (instead of Lydia who didn't win crap.)

BB: "Michele, please go to the Diary Room." (She was in the kitchen cooking.)

Jeff: "That's the reason why I wanna stay." (To get Kevin out.)

Kevin is now up & is in the backyard on a lounger.

Jeff/Jordan continue to have some quality time together. They're talking about going to a carnival, riding rides, etc.

Jeff: "It's almost September? Holy f*ck!"

BB: "Jordan, please go to the Diary Room."

Natalie walked through the kitchen (from going to the bathroom), then goes right back to bed. Jeff passes through the Red Room & jokes that BB is pumping sleeping gas in the house.

Natalie: "Dude, I'm waiting to see how much money we won!" (BB still hasn't told them.)

Kevin enters the Red Room & tells Natalie what he heard when he was outside.

Kevin: "They were talking about how Jeff is gonna 'throw a stone' (and insult) before he leaves the house. Something about T.T.Y.N." (Talk To You Never)

**Sidednote: Jordan said she would be the one to say 'TTYN" if she left the house. Jeff said it would sound stupid if it came from him, but thought it'd be funny if Jordan said it.

7:01pm BBT:

J/J are talking about what they can do during their exit on Thursday. They talk about having Jeff dip Jordan and kiss her.

Jeff: "Or I can hump your leg. People would remember that!" (lol)

Jordan said she'll buy Jeff season tickets to the Bears games if she wins BB & she'll also pay for stuff on the Hawaii vacation. Talk then turns back to the game.

Jordan: "It's either gonna be a 1-1 tie or 2-0."
Jeff: "If you don't win this game, I'm gonna be pissed!"
Jordan: "I'm gonna be so bored & won't have anybody to talk to."

Jeff also talked about how Kevin hurried up & got back in his bed when Jeff went back to the Pool Room to get a pair of socks, all to make sure that Natalie & Jeff dont' talk to each other.

7:21pm BBT:
The HG's are all getting called into the Diary Room to find out how much they won during the Mystery Door Money Grab thing.

Jeff won: $3,181
Michele won: $2,563
Jordan won: $1,726
Natalie won: $1,900
Kevin: $626 (he told Michele this.)

Natalie looking at her check...

Natalie: "Thank you, Big Brother."

7:40pm BBT:
Natalie is telling Kevin that Michele's vote means nothing this week & that they (Nat/Kevo) have "all the power" this week.

Natalie then tells Kevin that his new jacket is too small for him (she's trying to get him to give it to her.)

Natalie: "Once you wash it, it's gonna shrink even more. It'd be perfect for my body!"

Natalie tries it on.

She says it's a little big but after a wash, it'll fit her perfectly. She tells Kevin she's not giving it back and as she snaps her fingers in the air (as "in your face"), she hits her head pretty hard on the bed frame. lol

Natalie & Kevin were stealth whispering & I couldn't hear what they were saying, but the parts I did pick up on, they said about doing something about "dollar signs", "twist", "before the next lockdown". (Some kind of plan to fool the others.)

**Friendly Reminder: BB After Dark starts at 12am EST/11pm Central! ;-)

Alrighty guys & dolls, I am outta here! I'll be up watching BB After Dark until 2am though, so feel free to still comment! :D If you wanna watch the house cameras, ya gotta get the live feeds!! (They'll come in handy for the Final 3 Endurance Comp in a couple of weeks! ;-) )

Stay tuned...

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