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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning, guys & gals! :D Today is Tuesday and you know what the means...FINALLY we'll get to see the whole Mystery Door thing on tonight's episode! w00t w00t! I'm anxious to see what the key (that Jeff found & has) means. According to (which is a celeb gossip site, kinda like TMZ), the key is *rumored* to give Jeff the Diamond Veto:

Kevin entered the mystery room and was trapped, handcuffed to the Pandora’s box. It’s unclear if the production ordered him to do it or not but when Jeff found the key to release Kevin he was given the choice to take the money and turn his back or “save” his house mate. Jeff chose to release Kevin opening the Pandora’s box, which is rumored to have a “Diamond Veto“, which will overrule Michelle’s PoV. Jeff is safe again!!

Like I said, we'll know if that's actually true or not by tonight's episode at 9pm EST!

Also, last night Kevin was in the Diary Room to Tweet on Twitter, so if you haven't yet seen it, check it out: HOH Twitter Here's one his tweets:

Guess who is my LEAST fav person in rhymes with Beff.

Moving on...

Ross Mathews interviewed BB10 Runner-Up Memphis (which is *still* one of my all time favorite houseguests ever! Ohh how I love him! ;-) ) So while I get the Overnighter ready, check out this video!

8:57pm BBT:

Jeff told Jordan (again) to not listen to Kevin or Nata.

Jeff: "Don't listen to what those f*ckin' assholes tell you! Stick with Michelle!"

9:43pm BBT:

Michele pitched the deal that her & Jeff talked about earlier in the day. The deal was for Natalie to keep Jeff safe and they'd promise her 100% safety for next week, plus they'd throw HOH to her. Natalie said she'd have to think about it.

At 9:50pm BBT, Natalie then walks over to the pool table, looks to see if Kevin is coming back out (he's not), she then takes one of her balls and puts it in a pocket of the pool table.

She then goes inside like nothing happened.

11:18pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin asked Natalie when she's going to tell Michele no to the deal she offered. Natalie says tomorrow (which is today, Tuesday.) She wants to act like she's at least considering the deal. Natalie said that it'd be stupid of her to take the deal & that she doesn't want a Final 3 deal, she wants a Final 2 deal, which she has with Kevin.

Kevin: "I'm assuming Jordan knows about the deal, too?"
Natalie: "No. Michele said nobody knows except me & Jeff. She also told me not to tell you (Kevo) but little do they know, I tell you everything."

At 11:39pm BBT, Kev & Nat were playing chess and, once again, Natalie cheated. Kevin caught her moving a piece, letting it go,
then picking it back up again. She denies it, Kevin said he KNOWS he saw it. She denied it.

Kevin: "This game is a wash because you cheated!"

12:00am BBT:

With Jeff knowing he's going home Thursday, he's spending as much quality time with Jordan as possible. Last night, they spent some more quality time in the hammock sharing all kinds of stories & talking about their friends & families.

As they walked back into the house at 12:20am BBT, they did some cute flirting. Jeff pinched Jordan's butt, and then she tried to trip him as she grabbed his butt.

At 12:32am BBT, Jordo & Jeff had a quick kiss in the Workout Room.

12:42am BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie was thinking up new ways on how to sabotage Michele emotionally so that she screws up the HOH comp this week.

1:05am BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie said she'll "bait" Michele along of thinking that she might take the 'the deal' that she offered, but she's just playing with her & has no intentions of taking the deal. This is all part of playing on Michele's emotions. Kevin is starting to show signs of Natalie rubbing off on him. He was trying to tell Natalie to keep Michele thinking that the deal *might* happen, all the way up until Thursday (eviction day).

1:41am BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie wants Kevin to say (during the eviction on Thurs. & if there's a tie) something like "Congratulations Jeff!....on making it to the Final 5." then evict him. Or "I'm sorry Jordan, but...Jeff has to go."

2:26am BBT:
Kevin & Natalie decided to try to listen to Jeff/Jordan/Michele's convo in the pool room (which they weren't taking game at all.)

Natalie got pissed at the camera operator for moving the camera to follow Natalie & making noise, making it impossible for her to spy on J/J/M.

By 3:30am BBT, all HG's were sleeping.

That's it for the Overnigher! ;-)

As of 11:31am BBT, all HG's are still sleeping. I'll start a morning post as soon as they're up!

Stay tuned...

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