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Monday, August 31, 2009

Morning in the BB House

**At 12pm BBT, the feeds went to trivia: Veto Ceremony is taking place!!**

Some early morning convo's took place, so let's get caught up to speed while the feeds are on trivia:

*At 9:30am BBT, Nat/Michele talked in the backyard. Natalie told her that she's voting Jeff out because she doesn't trust that Michele & Jeff wouldn't gun for her next week & she's not gonna stab Kevin in the back. Natalie told Michele that the only thing "holding her back" from keeping Jeff is her (Michele) because she can't trust her.

*At 10:00am BBT, Jeff/Natalie talked in the backyard. Jeff told Natalie that if she saved him this week, he would gun for Michele next week but then he'd gun for Kevin the week after that. Jeff guarentees Natalie a Final 3 deal. He tells Natalie to do what's best for her own game (not her game w/ Kevin). Natalie says no and the reason is because of Michele still being in the house. Michele returned outside, Jeff went inside. Michele told Natalie that she could possibly save Jeff by using the veto on him.

*Natalie confirmed with Kevin that no matter what, she's sticking with him for the Final 2 plan. She told Kevin that Michele was thinking about using the Veto to save Jeff. Nat said she'd vote Michele out over Jordan.

*Natalie said Michele would be stupid to use the Veto on Jeff. (I agree. And Michele isn't stupid. Wonder what's going through that head of hers? Hmm.)

Okay, starting a new post at the top! (I have a feeling it's gonna be a looong afternoon! lol Wanna make a fresh new post for it.)

Stay tuned...

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