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Friday, September 4, 2009

Mid-Afternoon in the BB House (+Pandora's Box)

The Nomination Ceremony should be taking place around 5pm BBT. Natalie has an "epic" speech prepared that includesripping Michele apart verbally & some fake insults towards Kevin. (Kevin is aware of her speech.) Hopefully Michele doesn't take anything Natalie says to heart & is strong enough to fend off her insults.

Currently on the live feeds...

Michele & Jordan are getting camera-ready for the Nomination Ceremony.

**Sidenote: Natalie & Kevin were in the Main Bathroom not too long ago and Natalie told them (including Kevin, as if he didn't know already) that the Nomination Ceremony is gonna be a doozy.

At 4:18pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!! I do believe we have a Nomination Ceremony starting! ;-)

While we wait...

Here's the commercial for this weeks Pandora's Box "twist":

Thoughts? Opinions? Leave'em in a comment below! :D

5:41pm BBT:
Trivia still on the feeds...

**Hmmm...nominations are taking a long time. What's up, BB?!

**We all know that Michele & Kevin are going up, but until it's official, I won't post the Noms.

Nominated for Eviction are:

** & **

Kevin: "You still have to win veto! Because now she has this mystery power, is what this is."
Jordan: "Yeah I don't think it would good at all."
Michele: "If I was HOH I wouldn't have opened it."


Natalie just came out of the Diary Room.

Michele: "Are we having nominations today?"


Natalie: "Please do not ask me anything more about Pandora's Box. I'm just asking you to not ask ME about it. It's my personal request."
Kevin: "Whhhat?"
Natalie: "I'm not up for talking about it!"

Natalie: "There's always a bad side to Pandora's box." (She does NOT sound happy!)

Natalie just said she does NOT get to play in tomorrow's veto!!

Apparantly, a baby (a man dressed as a baby) went around the house. Natalie looks PISSED!!!

Jordan: "I wish I knew what it was! Because she (Nat) is like "It's real bad, it's reeaal bad." and I think she's lying."

6:00pm BBT:
Natalie just went into the Diary Room (she was not called in, she just went in.)

Kevin is spraying air freshner around the house because it stinks. (Not sure what happened to make it stink so bad, though.)

Natalie is out of the Diary Room now.

Natalie: "Dude, how could he smell so bad? Did he spray shit on him(self) to make him smell that bad??)

6:00pm BBT:

Apparantly Natalie is going around telling people that she lost the $500,000 but Kevin isn't buying it because he KNOWS she'd be busting out windows. He's telling her that WHATEVER the "mystery power" is that she has, she needs to tell people SOMETHING.

Kevin: "Just make something up! Like you won a vacation or some shit. Tell them anything! Because right now, they're thinking you have something like the Coup d'etat and they're not gonna want to take you to Final 2. And to be honest, I don't think I want to, either!"

Natalie is telling Kevin "the truth" of what happened. She's saying that her boyfriend was in Pandora's box and proposed to her. (Anybody else think this is total bullshit?) And now she can't play in POV because she picked to see her boyfriend.

Natalie: "Should I go tell everybody that?"
Kevin: "Yeah."
Natalie: "Alright."

Natalie is now telling Michele & Jordan "the truth" and that her earlier story was a "prank". Michele & Jordan are seemingly falling for it.

Jordan: "Is this the truth???"
Natalie: "I swear on my life!"

She tells them she got to spend 20 minutes with her boyfriend & that he proposed.

Jordan: "But it didn't look like you were crying??!"
Natalie: "Because I didn't cry! Why would I cry over that?" (omg.)

**I am sooo not buying this.

Jordan: "If it's TRUE, then that's awesome!"

Natalie said he gave her a "twisty tie" for a ring (there's a story behind that & she has told it over & over again since week 2 of being in the house. It's inside joke between her & her boyfriend.)

Natalie's gums are flappin' a mile a minute.

Kevin doesn't seem to buying it, either.

Natalie: "We even talked about Jessie and he said that he doesn't blame Jessie for falling in love with me, how could he not!"
Kevin: "He wasn't in love, though."
Natalie: "Well..."

**Natalie reminds me of a teenager that got busted for coming home super late & is giving wayyyy too many details to try to make their lie/excuses even more believable.

They all go outside.

Natalie: "Dude, I'm engaged!!"
Jordan: "Mm hmm." (**lol)

Michele: "That roach lady was stinky."

Natalie is still talking...and talking....

6:49pm BBT:
Natalie is telling her story for the 3rd time in a row now.

7:03pm BBT:
Fishies on the feeds...

**Possible nomination ceremony going on. Feeds still on fishies!!

Stay tuned...

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