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Friday, September 4, 2009

Evening in the BB House (+Nominations)

At 7:03pm BBT, the live feeds went to fishies & they haven't come back (as of 7:50pm BBT). It could be that they're doing the Nomination Ceremony, but who knows. It's mystery night in the BB house. lol :P

Currently on the live feeds...

7:50pm BBT:
Fishies on the feeds....

Okay, the Nomination Ceremony has taken place!!

Jordan: "Were those speeches planned? Because..they were..good."

8:10pm BBT:
Backyard Patio Area

Kevin & Natalie are playing their roles: they are saying they never had a Final 2 deal, only a Final 4 deal. (This is a pre-planned convo. Now they're acting it out.)

Michele: "I wasn't offended by anything you said."
Natalie: "You did to me (Michele), I had to do to you. It's an eye for an eye."

Nominated for Eviction are:

Michele & Kevin

(No shocker there.)

The good news is that Michele doesn't even seem the least big phased by Natalie's speech that she practiced over & over again.

Michele: "Well, let's do the fashion show!"

**Last night, BB "suggested" that they do a fashion show with their new clothes.

Kevin & Natalie go into the Storage Room to do a high-five.

They think their plan to mask their Final 2 is working. Natalie tells Kevin that he has to win POV since she can't play in it anymore.

9:28pm BBT:
Living Room Couches (wow...that's the first time I typed that this season! lol)

Natalie brings up her proposal for the millionth time.

Natalie: "So you guys thought I was lying??"
Jordan: "Yeah, because..."

**I'll spare ya'll the unnecessary details.

Natalie said her boyfriend told her she has alot of "haters". (**I'm still not buying the 'I'm engaged' story.)

Kevin is in the Diary Room. The others are waiting for him so that they can do their fashion show. (The red towels is their homemade runway.)

Still waiting on Kevin, the HG's get hungry & decide to eat something. As Michele went into the other room, Natalie confirmed with Jordan that they still have a Final 2 deal and Jordan says "yes" and thanked Natalie for not nom'ing her today.

Kevin now out of the Diary Room.

**Friendly Reminder: BB After Dark starts at 12am EST/11pm Central!!

Jordo/Michele/Kevo are talking about 'smells down there'. (I refuse to post details on this! lol :P)

Okie dokie, guys & dolls...I'm outta here for the night!! :D I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter as usual! Also, I registered so that it's easier for ya'll to access the blog, so feel free to just type it in to get to the blog! ;-) G'dnight!!!

Stay tuned...

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