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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

The HG's already had their HOH lockdown this morning, so let's dive into the Afternoon post. (I'll cover the afternoon for about an hour before getting offline until tonight.) Let's see Jeff for the last time on the live feeds for Big Brother 11 (unless there's some twist tonight on the live show.)

Currently on the live feeds...

Michele is in the bathroom getting ready.

As Jeff eats some lunch.

Michele has now joined Jeff in eating lunch.

No talking is going on at the moment.

Jeff is done eating.

Jeff: "It's too early to get dressed (for tonight's show). We still have to go back upstairs, right?" (for another HOH lockdown.)

Michele: "Yeah, I think so."

12:50pm BBT:
*Natalie & Kevo are sleeping in the Red Room.
*Jordan is in the shower.

12:52pm BBT:
Pool Room

Michele: Did you win today (at solitaire)?"
Jeff: "Nope. Doesn't look like a winners day for me today."

Michele is now laying down with her eyes open. Jeff is playing solitaire on his bed.

Jordo just got out of the shower & is doing her makeup.

Jeff is still playing solitaire.

1:13pm BBT:
Natalie is now up.
Jordan is dressed & getting something to eat.

Jordan joins Jeff in the pool room.

Jordan & Jeff last time.

Well ladies & gents, that's it for the afternoon post. If you would like to watch the remaining hour or two of Jeff & Jordan cuteness (or watch ALL of their cutness on the Flashback Feeds whenever you want!), then go ahead & snag up the live feeds.

Stay tuned...

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