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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon, BB fans!! The HG's were woken up at 11:15am BBT and already there's game talk!

Currently on the live feeds...

11:25am BBT:
Red Room

Michele & Jeff are trying to convince Natalie to save Jeff & they'd throw her the HOH comp tomorrow. Natalie says if it was 100% guaranteed, she'd do it. But it's not.

Natalie: "Well, I'm gonna think about it. But I'm not gonna talk to anybody until I get a heating pad (for my cramps)."

Michele goes to the bathroom, where Jeff is brushing his teeth.

11:29am BBT:

Jeff: "What did she say? That she'd think about it?"
Michele: "Yeah."

**Natalie has no interest in going along with the plan. She told Kevin that she's going to wait until the last minute to tell them no. She's just toying with them right now.

11:34am BBT:
Red Room

Natalie tells Kevin she refuses to speak another word until BB gets her a heating pad. Kevin thinks she's joking, but she's not. She does a "zip it" motion with her fingers to her mouth (indicating she's not talking).

Kevin: "Wow. You're serious."
Kevin leaves & goes into the kitchen.

11:37am BBT:
Pool Room

Jeff tells Jordan it's 11:30am already and that he slept enough last night.

Jeff: "Tomorrow, it's over."
They're having some cute moments again. Jeff is in a good mood and laughing.

Jordan whispers into Jeff's ear. The first part, I couldn't catch because their mics were way too low.

The part I did hear, Jordo was talking about Michele but Jeff cut her off and said "I know". I think Jordan was saying she overheard the plan that Michele would throw the HOH comp to Natalie.

Jeff: "It's my last day here. I'm not gonna spend it laying down."
Jeff gets up, puts on his hat backwards and leaves the room singing.

A look around the house:
*Jordan & Michele are in the bathroom putting on lotion, getting ready for the day.
*Nat/Kevo are in the Red Room laying down.
*Jeff is in the kitchen.

Jordan can't stop smiling at Jeff every time she looks at him. She keeps hugging him as well.

Jeff: "My luggage was in the storage room."
Jordan: "Awww!!!"

Michele is also in the kitchen. Random chit-chat between all 3.

Jeff: "Why you laughin'?
Jordan: "Because. I'm just thinking."
Jeff: "Share it."
Jordan: "I'm not gonna have anybody to fart with anymore."

BB: "Natalie, please go to the Diary Room."

***Oh crap. They're probably gonna give her a heating pad so she starts talking again. :(

Yep...she got her heating pads. (Thanks BB. lol :( )

Jordan is eating her breakfast that Jeff made. He made ground beef in a pan, then cooked sunny side up eggs on top of it. Jordan said it's good. Jeff agreed that it was good.

Talk turns Michele and how they think she's bipolar.

Jeff: "She definitely has different personalities."

Feeds auto-switch to...

12:35pm BBT:
Red Room

Natalie is telling Kevin about how Jeff & Michele approached her with the deal again. She tells him she has no interest in taking it.

Natalie: "If I don't eat warm stuff all day (today), I'll be out of commision tomorrow."

She tells Kevin about her bad her cramps get, to the point of her dad having to take off of work. Talk turns back to the deal Michele/Jeff offered her again today.

Feeds auto-switch back to the outside patio area...

12:41pm BBT:

Jeff: "Man, I wish Natalie would roll with this plan. If we could get past this week, I would put money that me and you could be in the Final 2. You have to be like "Dude, I promise you, I'm throwing (HOH) to you."

Jordon comes back outside from her Diary Room session.

12:49pm BBT:
Jordan is on a raft in the pool. Michele is about to jump in as soon as she's done putting on suntan lotion. Jeff is sitting poolside with his legs in the water.

Michele: "It must be 110 degrees out here!"

Random chit-chat between the 3 of them. The mood is light & fun, smiles & laughter all around.

Jeff is in the pool now. (He was waiting to get called into the Diary Room before swimming but he got too hot waiting to be called.)

1:30pm BBT:
*Nat is taking another nap.
*Jordan is tanning.

*Michele in the pool.

1:35pm BBT:
Jordan's not tanning anymore, she's talking to Michele in the pool now.

Michele: "No matter what happens tomorrow (live eviction day), if you stay, I wanna go to the end with you. If Jeff stays, I wanna go to the end with him."

Jordan: "If I leave, I hope you and Jeff make it to the Final 2 and that's sincere!! And I won't be distracted with Jeff (being here) if he leaves. Jeff has told me to stick with you and the others are trying to get me out, and next week it's all about the POV."

Jeff is now poolside listening to their convo. Jordo fills him in on what they were just talking about.

Michele told Jordan to act like they're *not* working together, so Kev/Nat won't think they'd take each other to the Final 2. Jordan says okay.

Kevin comes outside real quick & snaps about 10 pictures and within 2 minutes, he's back inside.

2:10pm BBT:
Michele & Jeff are still in the pool.

(Jordan is inside pooing, for those who are wondering. lol)

2:25pm BBT:
*Jordan is tanning again.
*Jeff & Michele are still in the pool, relaxing. (No talking.)
*Nat/Kev are in the Red Room.

2:26pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside & close the sliding glass door."

Natalie just told Kevin that she'd say 'yes' to taking the deal Michele/Jeff offered (to save Jeff, evict Jordan), if Jeff gave her his Hawaii trip. She'd take it and then vote him out anyways.

2:35pm BBT:
Natalie and Kevin are in the Red Room still talking. Natalie wants Kevin's hoodie, in exchange for her vote to evict Jeff.

Natalie: "I might get a trip to Hawaii (from Jeff). What can I get from you?"
Kevin: "How about a punch in the face." (joking)

Natalie & Kevo are now whispering. Natalie called Jordan a "fat ho".

Stay tuned...

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