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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Live Eviction Episode

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Tonight at 8pm EST/7pm Central, either Jeff or Jordan will be evicted. To be honest, I'd be VERY surprised if Jeff *didn't* get evicted. Could there be a twist tonight? Sure! Will there be? Who knows! I'm anxious to see the opening credits for tonight's show. If they still show Russell as not being evicted, then we'll know something is up! ;-)

I'll be back here at 7:45pm EST to open up the Chat Room & moderate comments. So grab your snacks, grab something to drink (and Jeff fans, grab your Kleenex!) and meet me back here tonight here on the blog! :D

8:00pm EST:
The show has started!!

Julie Chen-"The Big Brother house brought Jeff & Jordan together. Tonight, they will be torn apart."

(Doesn't sound like there's gonna be a twist.)
FYI: The opening credits showed Russell being evicted this time, unlike Tuesday's episode's opening credits.

The Votes:
Michele votes to evict...Jordan
Natalie votes to evict...Jef

It's a Tie:
Kevin votes to evict...Jeff

Evicted from the BB House is:


** goodbye messages for Jeff.

The New HOH is:


Stay tuned...

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