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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! :D It's Saturday in the BB house and that means only 1 thing: the POV Comp is today! If Kevin doesn't win, he's pretty much a goner. If Michele wins, Kevin is DEFINITELY a goner. If Kevin wins, Michele is going home. Either way, Jordo looks like she's totally safe this week.

I'm already half way done with the Overnighter, so let me get some screencaps to go with it and I'll post it right here! ;-)

*Kevin told Michele & Jordan that if Julie Chen doesn't ask Natalie about "the proposal" by Thursday, then they'll know "something is up" (about the proposal being fake).

*At 10pm BBT, Kevin was talking to himself in the backyard.

Kevin: "I'm so screwed right now. I am so screwed."

*11:42pm BBT, Kevin told Michele/Jordan everything that Natalie is doing.

He tells them that Natalie is trying to get him out this week, but there won't be any blood on her hands for the eviction (if he goes). He also said that Natalie didn't even try to win the 'The Smores the Merrier' HOH Comp after she saw he (Kevo) was in the lead. The reason for Nat throwing the comp was so that Kevin could win HOH and get even more 'blood on his hands', as opposed to her. Kevin then threw Natalie under the bus BIG TIME by telling Jordan and Michele that there is NO WAY they could win against her in the Final 2. (He's planting the seed for them to get Natalie out next.)

Kevin also said that she has a "mystery power" that she can use at the end of the game. He plants the seed of paranoia into Jordan & Michele's head that it could be anything, including a Final 2 reversal. Basically, Kevin is trying to make sure Natalie doesn't enter the Final 2 at all.

After Kevin left, Michele told Jordan that Kevo was "just trying to bait us" into talking smack about Natalie so that he could run back & tell her. (Truthfully, I don't think he was.)

*Michele said she's worried that the Jury House will see Natalie's speech during yesterday's Nomination Ceremony and how that will be bad for her. (Natalie called her a backstabber, liar, etc etc.)

*At 11:50pm BBT, Kevin goes to Natalie and tells her that he told Jordo/Michele "Out of all the people in the house, I would never take Natalie to the end, the Nominations speech proves that we're not in a Final 2 together, so they totally don't think we're together". (But he never told her how he totally threw her under the bus.)

Natalie tells Kevin that she told Jordan that she would perfer to see Michele go to the Jury House this week, rather than Kevin. Kevin told Natalie that he's worried about the POV comp (which he now has to play for himself since Natalie can't play.)

*At 12:09am BBT, Jordan tried to show Natalie how to put in a tampon.

Jordan, bless her heart, was very patient and detailed in showing Natalie how to do it.

*1:10am BBT: Did Natalie slip up & say she talked to Jessie? Hmm!

Natalie: "The only vote I had in the jury house was Jessie's and I don't even think I have that anymore because I talked to him today, my boyfriend today.." (Jordo talks over her about Lydia's vote.)

During this convo, Jordan told Natalie what Kevo said about "Don't take Natalie to the Final 2 because she has the votes".

Natalie: "But we're all saying that about each other, ya know?" (laughing)

*Around 2am BBT, Jordan/Michele/Natalie had a long sex talk. From losing their viginity, to Michele being bisexual. Michele admits that even though she's bisexual, she's never had sex with a girl, but always wanted to.

*Michele & Jordan encouraged each other that they "can do this" (win POV) and get to the Final 3 together.

And that's it for the Overnighter! :P Starting a new post at the top shortly!

Stay tuned...

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