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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans! :D Today is Friday & that means today are Nominations! Let me get the Overnighter up & while you wait, here's the video of Ross Mathews interviewing Jeff & also Jeff being interviewed by Julie Chen!

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Okay, since there wasn't anything to really scheme about (since everything this week depends on who wins the POV), the Overnighter is gonna be brief.

As I posted last night, the Final 4 had a clothing luxury comp. Natalie & Kevin totaled up their clothes: Kevin got $1500 worth of clothes & Natalie got around $800 in new clothes.

Jordan got drunk last night, but not crazy drunk. More of a relaxed-drunk. (She downed a whole bottle of wine by herself).

Last night, Natalie & Kevin talked about Kevin going up on the block next to Michele. But like I said, it doesn't matter who goes up, its all about who wins POV this week.

Kevin gave Natalie advice if the Pandora's Box thing reappears (which it will!) He told her that if she has a choice, to "take the deal".

And one last thing, I had posted the rest of BB11's schedule but missed the 13th (since Julie never mentioned it). So I went to and I found that it's going to be a Highlights Episode.

*Sunday Nominations @ 8pm EST
*Tuesday Live Episode @ 9pm EST:
POV Comp/Veto Meeting/Eviction/HOH: Part 1 Endurance Comp

*Thursday @ 8pm EST: Final HOH Comp
*Sunday (Sept 13th): Highlights Episode
*Tuesday (Sept. 15th): BB11 Finale

..and one last thing...

As mentioned during yesterday's HOH question comp, Casey is selling 'Man in a Banana Suit' stuff at:

Man In Banana

Check out his tshirts (I think I'm gonna get the "What are you, his pit bull?" tshirt myself. lol :P )

And that's it for the Overnighter.
Okie dokie, let me start a new post at the top!!

Stay tuned...

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