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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Evening in the BB House (+ Luxury Comp)

Wow! What an episode! Okay, before I start the Evening post, I want to talk about a couple of things. First, let's see word-for-word what Julie said tonight:

Who will Natalie nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8pm EST, plus, Pandora's Box offers another temptation to the new HOH and this time, it's bound to effect the game! Then on Tuesday at 9pm EST, I'll be back for a special live episode.

Tune in for the final Veto competition, live veto meeting, live eviction and the beginning of the Final 3 part HOH competition. Then I'll be back Thursday at 8pm EST as the battle for the Final & most powerful HOH continues.

So it sounds like the twist is still going on!!

Here's the Schedule for the Last Week of BB11:
*Sunday Nominations @ 8pm EST
*Tuesday Special Live Episode @ 9pm EST: POV Comp/Veto Meeting/Eviction/HOH Part 1 Endurance Comp
*Thursday @ 8pm EST: Final HOH Comp
*Tuesday Sept. 15th: BB11 Finale

The 2nd thing to talk about is Natalie winning HOH. For those of you who are not fans of hers, keep in mind that this week HOH doesn't mean anything except that she slides into the Final 3 (and who knows, the twist might not even guarantee that.) The POV means *EVERYTHING* this week! It's bigger than the HOH. So that's something to keep in mind.

I'll be right back with the evening post, so hang tight! ;-)

**For those of you who are saying they're done for the season, please don't forget to bookmark the blog for next season before you leave! lol :P
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Currently on the live feeds...

All feeds are on Jordan crying in the Workout Room.

7:16pm BBT:
Red Room

Jordan is telling them that she needs to get it all out (crying) before any more diary room sessions.

Kevin: "We all lost our special person. Well, you (Michele)...Ronnie?"
They all laugh.

Kevin then brings up Pandora's Box.

Kevin: "I have a sneaky suspicion that we're gonna see the Pandora's box thing again."
Jordan: "Yeah, they never did end it, huh?!"

Natalie comes out of the Diary Room & sits in her bed. Kevin tells her that he thinks Pandora's box is gonna happen again to "prepare" for it. (Does he know something?? Or lucky guess? Hmm!)

Natalie said that if has to deal with money, she'll do Pandora's box. But if she has to stick her hand in a box, she might not because she'd be afraid of bugs being in the box. (She's deathly afraid of bugs, as we all know.)

7:33pm BBT:

Feeds go to fishies...

7:57pm BBT:
Feeds switch to trivia!! (Hmmm!!!)

**As soon as the feeds come back, I'll let ya'll know! :D

8:51pm BBT:
The HG's had a Clothing Luxury Comp!

Natalie isn't too happy because everything she grabbed is too big for her to wear.

Michele: "You could always take'em to a tailor!"

Jordan is making pizza for everyone.

Michele is making fun of Natalie's shirt. lol

Michele: "You look like a pirate!"

**Friendly Reminder: BB After Dark has started on Showtime2! :D

No caption necessary for these next 2 pictures:

Okie dokie, guys & gals..I'm outty! ;-) Enjoy the feeds & Showtime tonight & I'll meet ya'll back here in the morning with the Overnighter! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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