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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon, BB fans across the land!! It seems that minutes after I logged off last night, the HG's decided to come alive & talk hours of game talk! (Why they can't do this during the day instead of tanning, I'll never know. lol)

Anyways, it's gonna take me a little bit to sift through all the detailed convos & pull out only the meaty parts (otherwise I'll be here for 6 hours still doing the Overnighter.)

Keep checking back, I'll be adding stuff periodically! :D

**It's gonna take a while this morning because there was soooooo many convos that are highly detailed, and HOURS of it. Please be patient!! Thankx ;-)

9:30pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Michele tells Jeff that she's gonna fight for him stay & that she wants Natalie gone this week.Jeff asked how that's even possible (to get Kevin to vote out Natalie).

Michele: "All Kevin is worried about is being safe next week, since he can't play for HOH. He doesn't care about anybody, he just wants to *not* go home next week. And with the jury house having Natalie's friends in it, it's best if (Kevin) went against me (in the Final 2)."

Michele tells Jeff that she will "obviously" use the veto on herself & take herself off.

Michele then suggests Jeff talk to Kevin and offer him safety next week & a Final 3 deal between Michele/Jeff/Kevin (and get Natalie out this week.)

Jeff: "What would be Kevin's incentive to keep me over Natalie?"
Michele tells Jeff that Natalie hasn't won anything and that Kevin would be putting his trust in a person that can't win anything.

Michele decides that she'll talk to Kevin instead (since she's safe this week & has nothing to lose by approaching him.)

10:23pm BBT:
Hot Tub Area

Michele flat-out tells Kevin that she's voting for Jeff to stay and that there's nothing he can do about it. She controls her own vote.

Michele tells Kevin that he doesn't want to get to the Final 2 with Jordan or Natalie, because the votes would be in their favour. Michele makes her desires clear:

*She wants Jordan to go home this week (only to save Jeff.)
*She doesn't like Natalie & also wants her gone. (This gives Kevin the option to get rid of either Natalie or Jordan, in order to save Jeff. His choice.)
*She tells Kevin that he would have Jeff & herself fighting for him (Kevin) next week since he can't play for HOH.
*Offers a Final 2 deal with Kevin.

Kevin does the "Oh ya, you're right!" and "I've thought about that, too." lines. (I don't think he's on board with any of Michele's ideas, and his convo w/ Natalie later on pretty much proves that he wants Jeff gone this week & that his convo with Michele bullcrap.)

11:40pm BBT:
Pool Table
Natalie/Kevin/Michele (for a couple of minutes)

Jeff was outside, but as soon as he went back inside, Natalie offered Michele a Final 3 deal that was half-hearted. (Later on, she lies to Jeff & says that Michele was the one who actually offered a Final 3 deal to her & Kevin.)

Natalie: "I say, right now, right here, we make a Final 3 deal.
Kevin: "With..Michele?"
Natalie: "With Michele."
Kevin: "Oooooooooo."
Natalie: "It's either Yay or Nay."
Michele: "Nay."
Kevin giggles.
Kevin: "Denied."

Michele goes inside. Game talk w/ Kevin & Nat starts up.
Natalie: "Obviously she's coming after you or me if she doesn't' want a Final 3 deal with us."
Kevin: "Oh I know. She already told me (she was going after you.) By the way, any conversation I have with Michele is completely fictitious."

Kevin tells Natalie about his convo with Michele by the hot tub around 10:30pm.

Kevin: "It would be...the biggest bonehead move ever (to keep Jeff.)"
Natalie: "He'll win in the Final 3!"
Kevin: "He will win. Not only will he win the POV, but he'll also win (the Final 3)."
Natalie: "Plus he's sending you home. He told me that when we played cards." (...on the backyard couches earlier that night...which is true, Jeff *did* say that.)

12:24am BBT:

Natalie told Jeff that she can't & won't vote for him to stay. Their conversation starts up & they talk about why to keep Jeff & why not to keep him.

Natalie: "Michele said she wants me out, over Kevin."
Jeff: "Not if I convince her that that's stupid."
Natalie: "She said if she had the option between me and Kevin, she'd take me out."
Jeff: "If you wanna roll with Kevin, and not vote for me, that's your prerogative. But if you'd rather have a stronger player with me, then roll with me. You want Jordan to play for you? I don't think so."

***For the record, Jordan has been demanding that Jeff campaign to stay & get her out instead. After saying no a 1,000 times, Jeff decided to do just that.

Jeff: "You got a week to think about it."
Natalie: "My only thing is Michele! That's it, that's my (only concern)."
Jeff: "Well here's the thing: even if I'm gone, you're gonna have the same odds as if I'm gone, if I'm here, you got another person playing for you. Your odds increase."
Natalie: (whispering) "(Michele) told me you're coming after me next week."
Jeff: "That's complete bullshit."
Natalie: Outside, she was like, 'Let's all make a final three deal.'"
Jeff: "Really? She said you offered that."
Natalie: "No! That bitch is crazy. She is the last person I would make a deal with."
Jeff: "Mm. That's weird."

**The "bitch" is not crazy, it was Natalie who 'offered' the Final 3 deal.

1:00am BBT:
Backyard Patio/Couches

Kevin & Natalie are trying to talk Jeff into getting Michele to use the Veto to take him off the block. Jeff tells them they're crazy and he doesn't even want to hear about it.

Natalie: "I'm trying to save YOU and you won't listen to me?"
Jeff: "Is this about getting Michele to use the POV on me again?"
Natalie: "Yeah, but.."
Jeff: "I'm out."

They all laugh.
They try again with the Michele-saving-Jeff plan, and Jeff walks into the house.
Jeff: "You guys are cuckoo for Cocoa puffs."

1:05am BBT:

Jeff: "Natalie said you offer the final 3 deal."
Michele: "Interesting. I already told you what I want to do, I'm keeping you regardless."
Jeff: "Ok, Thanks. I apprec(iate) what you're doing for me, I'll working on Natalie some more."

1:10am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan joins Kevin/Natalie & they start to tell her about the plan to try to get Michele to use the veto on Jeff. Even Jordan said "That's stupid" and that it won't work. (**lol)

1:45am BBT:
Natalie tells Jordan to spend her time with Jeff 'wisely" because he's going home. (Natalie's pissed that Jeff won't go along with the plan. He told them he refuses to try to get her to use the veto on him, just to turn around and "stick it up her ass" later on.)

Okay that's it for the Overnigher. Phhewwww, that was a doozy!! :P
Starting a new post soon!

Stay tuned...

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