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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House (Part 2)

Good afternoon/evening, BB fans across the land!! :D Let's get caught up on what we missed since my last post around 4pm BBT.

Earlier in the HOH room, Chima said that she thinks that Jeff has the 'wizard power', and well..I think that settled into Kevin's head a bit because now he's starting to the think the same. Kevin fills Chima in on what's going through his head: that if Jeff does have the Coup d'etat, that Jeff might use it to save Russell, then put up Jessie & Natalie.

Chima then says that she wants to have a meeting with herself, Kevin, Lydia, Natalie & Jessie.

In other news...

At 5:35pm BBT out by the backyard patio, Kevin asked Jeff, "hypothetically", if he DID have the Coup d'etat, would he use it or not.

Jeff: "Depends. Why? Are you trying to tell me something?" (They both laughed.)

Jeff then says that he's not sure because he's been trying to steer clear of trouble in the house. Kevin then told Jeff that he looked stress, and Jeff said it's because he doesn't know what's gonna happen this week.

As Michele ran around the backyard doing some cardio, Jeff half-jokingly told her to not go back & tell 'them' "I heard Jeff say...". Michele was irritated at this comment & said she doesn't care what they're talking about. She also tells Jeff that she needs to talk to him later.

Also, Natalie/Jessie think that Jeff has the wizard power & they've been discussing it for some time tonight.

Currently on the feeds...

6:00pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jessie is pretty sure that (1) Jeff has the Coup d'etat, (2) That he's gonna use to put Jessie up, (3) The he is going home.

But he also knows it's the smart thing to do for his own game play.

Jessie: "It's the smart thing for him to do. (to use the CDT) He's only pissing you (Natalie) off."
Natalie: "He's pissing Chima off!"
Jessie: "Ya, but Chima isn't playing for HOH!"
Natalie: "He's pissing Kevin off, he's pissing Michele off..."
Jessie: "But Michele's not going to put him up."

Talk moves on to if Natalie wins HOH. Natalie said that she will nominate Lydia and Michele if she wins, with Jeff or Jordan as a replacement nom.

Jessie then tells Natalie, assuming that he's still there next week & won HOH, that he'd put up Jeff & Michele. Jessie also mentions that he wants to get in Jeff's ear and tell him that Russell is gunning for him (Jeff).

7:11pm BBT:

Jordan is on the elipitical.
Jeff is smoking (about to play a game of pool w/ Russ.)
Michele is lounging in the hammock.

Everyone is very quiet.

7:13pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Jessie is eating...he should be done in about an hour. lol :P (He's a very, very slow eater.)
Jessie & Natalie are whisper-talking. Jordan just walked in, so it stopped for now.
Chima is cleaning the counters.

7:20pm BBT:

Natalie asked how her talk with Jeff went. (I don't think they showed that on the feeds because I never saw them talking.) Michele said that she (Michele) needs to stop paying attention to things she hears. Subject switches to tomorrow...Movie Day. Natalie says she hopes she gets a lot of candy. (Natalie loves candy.)

7:38pm BBT:
HOH Room

Chima: "It’s important that we let Lydia know we are voting Russell out."
Natalie said that she will go up to Lydia and let her know that, all arguments aside, she is voting Russell out.

Chima again states that she wants Russell out. (Alot of this convo has already been had time & time again.)

Chima thinks that BB is making it "very obvious" that Jeff has the power, because they call him in "4 times more often than anybody else lately."

Chima: "Do you think he (russell) knows Jeff has it?
Jessie: "Oh, ya!"
Jessie tells them how Russell pulled him into the Storage Room earlier & told Jessie to try to get Chima to get Jeff on the block. Chima thinks Russell wants Jeff up so he will have to use the power. Chima says she's keeping the noms the same. Lydia vs Russell.

Chima got yelled at by BB for singing & talking about production.
Chima: (to BB) "I'm not singing! I'm in the HOH. Get it right, dumbasses."
Natalie: (to BB) "Where's the apology?"

More talk of the wizard power, movies, then 'meeting' is over.
Oh wait...Jessie went back up. lol

Jessie is freaking out that he's going up & going home. Talk then turns to random outside-the-bb-house chatter.

Alright, I'm switching feeds. lol :P

8:30pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Jeff is telling Jordan about the "Full House" (sitcom) epsiode where DJ (a character on the show) over-workouts & passes out at the gym. He adds that they always ended every episode with a hug. lol

Jeff said he loves to fall asleep to old tv shows like "Full House" and "Threes Company".

8:40pm BBT:
Jordan (in her clothes) and Jeff are now in he jacuzzi.

Russell is still on the BY couch. All 3 of them are talking about random stuff.

Jordan likes what she sees. lol ;-)

Feeds auto-switch back to the HOH room.

Kevin is saying this earlier convo with Jeff makes him think he might NOT have it.

Kevin: "Either he's a REALLLLLY good actor, or.."

Jessie stands up & says "Well, I don't have it!" (everybody laughs)

Jessie: "America voted my ass out last year, ok? You think they'd give me some magical f*ckin' powers?" (lol)

If you have the feeds or showtime, turn it on..Jessie is being hilarious (yes, Jessie! lol)

**It's 12am EST..annnnnnd I'm outta here! ;-) Gonna watch the live feeds for a little bit longer & then switch to BB After Dark on SHO2. See ya'll in the morning!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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