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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

Reminder: BB is on tonight @ 8pm EST!!!

Good afternoon, everyone!! After some much needed time away from the computer, and some nice fresh air, I feel alot better & feel like I have my brain back. lol :P

Alrighty, so since my last update...

Jessie told Russell that Ronnie is gonna approach him and that Russell has to "act CALM!!" because Ronnie & Co. are looking for Russell to blow up (and then put him on the block).

"Team Jeff" have been enjoying the sunshine and really hot California weather. They spent all afternoon in the pool and/or poolside soaking up some rays. :) The only thing worth mentioning from the afternoon is that Jeff was kidding around told Ronnie (who took a dip in the pool) that he was gonna dunk him for 10 seconds because he nominated him this week. Ronnie went inside later on and told his 'crew' what Jeff said & made a little spectacle out of it.

At this point, there is still no 100% decision from Ronnie on who he's gonna put up, but there's been alot of game talk between 1:45pm-3pm (for those that have the live feeds & want to use the 'flashback' feature).

Okay, now that all of that is out of the way, lets get to what is currently happening!

4:17pm BBT:

Ronnie just told Jordan that he's "probably" putting up Casey.

**If you have the live feeds, turn'em on and go to Camera 1!! Jordan is telling Ronnie that he's basically "busted" he is playing everyone in the house, playing both sides, it's obvious, he's caught, and his moves are predicable..and to also stop asking her for her advice when it doesn't matter, because he's gonna do whatever the majority of the house (aka Team Jessie) wants to do. (WOW!! Go Jordan!! :-D )

Jordan: "You're playing both sides!! And it's gonna be funny whenever you get nominated for eviction!"

Jordan: "You're gonna look at the show, whenever you leave, and be like 'Why did I put up Casey whenever he wasn't even coming after me?' watch!"

Jordan: "You're not putting up who YOU want to put're putting up somebody (Casey) who THEY want to put up! They're using you!!"

Ronnie is listening...taking his beating. lol

Jordan: "Don't ask me anymore of what I think! Because all you do is ask us what we think, and then go to 'them' and tell them what we said, and vice versa..and you're causing everyone to fight! It's either gonna be me or Casey..."

Ronnie: "It's not gonna be you..."
Jordan: "..then it's gonna be Casey. Dude, I know what you're gonna do. Whatever." (She turns over the other way to ignore him and he leaves.)

4:30pm BBT:
Red Room

Jordan is telling Laura what just happened. Laura said she could hear everything she said (and she's happy for Jordan saying everything).

Laura: "He's only targeting Casey because 'they' (Team Jessie) want him up."
Jordan: "I know! That's what I told him. He's probably gonna go and pout and be like 'I'm putting her up!'. Fu*k it. Put my ass up! I don't give a fu*k anymore. Shit."

4:43pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Ronnie (thinking, watching Jessie/Jeff shoot pool)

Natalie joins Ronnie, Kevin wakes up from the other backyard couch and joins their convo. Apparently, Russel & Natalie where playing chess and heard every word Jordan said. So now Ronnie is saying he was gonna pick Casey, but now he's gonna put up Jordan just out of spite.

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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