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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Live Eviction Episode + HOH Comp

Okay, BB fans! This is it! It's Thursday and that means that tonight is the Live Eviction & HOH Comp! Who will be crowned the new HOH? We're just a short time away from finding out!!

No matter who wins HOH, there is sure to be loads of game talk & drama on the live feeds tonight!! If you don't have'em and wanna get'em, right now would be the perfect time to get them set up & ready for after tonights show!! :-D

Live Show Starts @ 8pm EST!!!!

** room is now OPEN!!! Click the blue "Chat" button on the right side of the blog! :D

8:00pm EST: Show Begins...
Showing a recap of everything.

"Good evening, I'm Julie Chen. Welcome to Big Brother. It's Day 19..."

Showing all of Ronnie's lies & Jording worried about leaving.
Jeff saying he likes Jordan..showing a cute tender moment of them talking.

Laura talking to Ronnie, promising safety to him if he keeps her & gets rid of Jordan. Now showing Ronnie trying to get 'Team Jessie' to vote out Jordan instead.

Now they're showing Ronnie getting busted in all of his lies.


Now showing Ronnie crying..missing his wife.

"Let's talk with the HG's!" -Julie Chen

"Whats the mood like right now? (Julie Chen to Natalie) Natalie said "pretty tense".

They just showed Casey/Jeff/Ronnie dressed up in womens clothes for the Have/Have Nots comp. The HG's all laughed at the footage. (LOL)

Loveable geek? Or ruthless sneak? We'll find out when I talk to Ronnie in the HOH room when we come back!"-Julie Chen


Julie is talking to Ronnie (who is in the HOH room). He said he was only playing the 1 side of the house, but was staying true to Team Jessie.

Jordan is giving her speech on why she should stay.

"I DO wanna be here! If I go home tonight, I wish you ALL luck, no hard feelings! I love you all!"

Laura's speech was pretty much the same.


Jeff votes to evict...Laura.
Jessie votes to evict...Laura.
Natalie votes to evict...Jordan. (WOW!)
Casey votes to evict...Laura.
Russell votes to evict...Laura.
Kevin votes to evict...Laura.
Lydia votes to evict...Laura.
Chima votes to evict...Laura.
Michele votes to evict...Laura.

(8-1 Laura is going home.)

Evicted from the Big Brother house is:


HOH Comp is coming up!! (The comp is the skee ball game the HG's played with last night.)


Julie talking with Laura. Laura said that the HG's would stupid to NOT get his butt out of the house this week, otherwise he'll win the game.

"Look at what he did in just 2 weeks!"-Laura

"I hope Jordan or the off-beats win HOH!"-Laura

Now showing the HG's playing with the skee ball game last night.

Michele is up first...

Michele: 4 pts (shes out)
Jessie: 6 pts
Kevin: 5pts (hes out)
Natalie: 2 pts (she's out)
Lydia: 1 pt (she's out)
Russell: 5 pts (he's out)
Chima: 3 pts (she's out)
Jordan: 1 pt (she's out)
Jeff: 6 pts (tied with jessie!!)
Casey is out...

Jessie: 6 pts
Jeff: is out..

The new HOH is:


Jessie said that he just wants to eat & he feels "amazing" to win HOH again.

**End of Show

Stay tuned...

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