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Friday, July 24, 2009

Overnight Report

Good morning, everyone!! It's Friday and you know what that are Nominations! Who will Jessie put up on the block? We'll find out today!!

Okay, let me get some coffee (and let the caffeine kick in a little bit lol) and I'll get the Overnight Report just as quickly as I can! :-D

Last night, there was a little bit confusion & drama over the beds now that Ronnie had to sleep with the rest of the HG's and Jessie (who Lydia & Natalie are attached at the hip to) would no longer be sleeping downstairs.

1:50am BBT:
HOH Room

Natalie & Jessie talked about the bed drama situation and Natalie started throwing Lydia under the bus..hardcore! She told Jessie that Lydia is jealous (of her & Jessie's "friendship"), she doesn't add anything to the team (Team Jessie), and that they should get rid of her. Jessie said he's not doing that, so Natalie said whenever she wins HOH, Lydia will be going home.

Jessie: "Lydia said that you walked downstairs & were telling people who was safe this week."
Natalie: "I said that?"
Jessie: "She & Chima were sitting there. They said that you told them they were safe, then Michele walked out."
Natalie: "That's bullshit! Bullshit! I’m gonna call [Lydia] out on it!"
Jessie: "STOP! Stop. If you do, I won’t be able to tell you anything, ever."

Natalie goes on to say that Lydia needs to be "caught in her lies" so that everybody knows. Jessie reminds her that she's part of the team and she's looking out for them, so they shouldn't do anything. Jessie then tells Natalie that he wants to talk to everyone in NBK ('Team Jessie') to see what they think...if he should stick with evicting Ronnie or not.

Natalie, who might as well be the HOH at this point, is now telling Jessie that they (Jessie/Natalie) should align themselves with Jordan/Jeff. Jessie doesn't like that idea and moves on to other ideas.

Jessie: "I’d rather have Ronnie stay this week."
Natalie: "Ya, me too. Because he’d never put us up."

Natalie also adds that...
Natalie: Casey is threatened by us. If Ronnie doesn’t go home this week, and Casey wins HOH next week, we’re [Jess/Nat] going on the block!"

Natalie: "Just put up the person you want gone, and a pawn."
Jessie: "There won’t be a pawn...because Who do you think would go up and not be pissed? I mean, how would you like it?"
Natalie: "Well, you can’t put me up!" (since she's in the athletes clique)
Jessie: "I’m screwed. Chima dodged a bullet and is still here. I still think she’s holding a grudge..."
Natalie: "She has resentment. Lydia is a liar I don’t trust her. Ronnie proved that he’s good for us."

"As much as I want Lydia out of the house, it’s not very smart to get rid of her right now because you [Jessie] can still talk to if she were to put me up, you could talk to her."
Jessie: "That’s if she can win HOH. She’s not gonna win anything."

Talk continues...
Jessie: "well, my plan was to nominate Michele & Jordan, and Michele would go home."
Natalie: "You should put up Lydia & Michele, and backdoor Casey."

2:45pm BBT

Lydia mentions that Natalie is "sitting pretty" because nobody is going after her (yet). Michele uses the opportunity to see where she stands with Lydia (she's been doing this all week..going to different people to see where they stand with her).

3:21am BBT:
HOH Room

Jessie wants Lydia to come upstairs and talk. Lydia told him she wants to be able to talk to him alone & not with her [Natalie] there. (She ends up not going up.)

**Sidenote: I have a feeling there's gonna be a HUGE blowout with Natalie/Lydia very soon, and NBK will start to be destroy themselves.

4:50am BBT:
HOH Room

Jessie: "I think we are just going to stick to the original plan..."
Lydia: "You mean backdoor Ronnie?"
Jessie: "Well, no one has came and talked to me."

5:49am BBT:
Lydia/Jessie Continued...

Lydia: "You are going to do what you wanna do. Time and time again, I have talked to people and you are the only one safe in your group! If you
want to put me, up put me up."
Lydia: "Think about you want to keep Ron? Or have everyone pick you as a target? Which has the greater risk?"
Jessie: "By someone else going home, such as Jordan/Michelle/Casey or Ronnie, I would have 5 people that wouldn't put me up."
Lydia: "So you are dividing people to keep yourself safe, and dishing Chima & Kevin?"

Talk goes on & on..with no real conclusion of who Jessie is gonna put up.

Alright lovely guys & gals, that's it for the overnight report!! As soon as the HG's wake up, I'll start a morning post! :D

Stay tuned...

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