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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Overnight Report

Good morning, BB fans across the land! I'm running on only 4 hours of sleep because I was up until 3am EST watching Showtime After Dark. Let me make some coffee, have some cereal, and I'll be back with the overnight report (I have a ton of pics from last nights feeds!! :D)

Oh, and in case you're curious to know, the HG's did NOT have the POV Comp in the middle of the night like they thought they would. However, they very well could have it bright & early this morning to really throw off the HG's! ;-) And Casey, who is a smoker, is going nuts with the inside lockdown and it started to show last night.

Alrighty, I'm gonna make some coffee, take the dog for a walk, eat breakfast, then I'll be back! Check back around 9:30am EST!

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For the first time this season, I actually ENJOYED watching the live feeds AND Showtime After Dark. The reason? Because Ronnie wasn't talking game *AT ALL*!! There was none of his going back & forth between teams, talking sh* gave me a taste of what life in the BB house would be like minus Ronnie and I LOVE IT! BB got back to it's true form: fun times between all the HG's, no visible "line in the sand" (though they all knew it was there), and it was classic BB at it's play, fun, and HG interaction all in one!

The highlight of last night was seeing Jordan & Jeff ALMOST kiss!!

The foreplay leading up the kiss is so intense and so genuine..Jeff just looked at her, locked eyes, walked confidently up to her, and softly planted a sweet kiss on her cheek. He was so adoring! I would love to see those two date outside the house. They are truly captivating together! (Reminds me very much of Danielle & Nick of BB8). As long as those 2 are in the house, I will be a very happy camper being able to watch their friendship/love/whatever bloom on the live feeds. :) It's very sweet!!

In other news, I can't wait until Chima & Russell get their freak on because frankly, I can't stomach watching their high school flirting...they are horrible at flirting! lol And it looks WEIRD!! I think they both just need a good roll in the hay and they wanna use each other for their 'release', so to speak. PLEASE get it over with, I can't watch their "flirting" anymore. Feed watchers, I know you know what I'm talking about. LOL :P

9:10pm BBT:
Living Room/Outside Diary Room
Natalie (hiding)

Natalie & Co. (Russell/Ronnie/Chima/Michele/Kevin) started pulling pranks & playing "Truth or Dare" last night. The problem? The people they 'got', didn't find it funny.

Prank #1: Moon Lydia as she walks out of the Diary Room.

Lydia is un-phased and walks away saying..
Lydia: "I can see your 'lips', Natalie."
Apparently Natalie bent over too far. lol

Prank #2: Wake Jessie up with Kevin cuddling with him.

Jessie was not happy! He threw his headphones, then 2 pillows.

Prank #3: Michele cuddles with Jeff.
This one was just plain stupid. Michele had to go to Jeff (who was semi-sleeping in the Workout Room) and cuddle with him. She did, giggling the whole time, and Jeff said,...

Jeff: (calm voice) "Get out of here with your Truth or Dare bullshit."
...and that was that.

9:40pm BBT:
Workout Room

Jordan: "I'm wondering if there is a new plan!"

Casey: "There very well could be."

Casey: "Pick me for the POV because I wanna whip his ass!" (don't know who "he" is though)

They all talk about how they're fed up with Natalie and "her time will come".
Earlier, Natalie told Casey that she was upset he ate her pork chop, he said he didn't know, he was sorry, and eating other peoples' food is rude.

Jordan: "Natalie whispered in my ear and said "you're safe"."

Jordan: "We gotta start winnin' somethin'! Turn this game around."
Jeff: "Don't worry about anything. Just relax. Re-lax. We gotta trust that they go with the plan."
Jordan: "If they don't, I'm goin' home."
Jeff: "No you're not! Crazy's going home." (Michele)

10pm BBT:
Pool Room

Casey: "Things are gonna go live around here if things don't go according to plan!" (of backdooring Ronnie)

10:30pm BBT

Casey: "I just find it fking funny that just 2 days ago, Russell was heckling Ronnie around the house, and now, they're acting like he's part of their little clique. I dunno, man. If there is another plan...well, as Jeff would say, "Let's dance."

11:14pm BBT:
Pool Room
Casey (alone)

BB: "Attention houseguests, did you know there are 121 marble slots on a chinese checker board?"
Casey: *rolls eyes* "No, I didn't know that. But thanks." (lol)

11:28pm BBT:
Main Bathroom
Michelle& Russell

Michele & Russell crossed paths in the bathroom and...

Michelle: "If you win POV would you take me off the block?"
Russell: "Yes, but you have to return the favor." (smiling, laughing, but serious).

11:40pm BBT:

Kevin told Lydia that if he wins HOH, he'll put up two athletes, probably Jeff & Russell. He said he'll say his reasoning is "You harass people for having basic conversations." Both of them also said that they didn't like the whole Ronnie taunting.)

11:54pm BBT:

Russell started acting weird. For no reason, he smacked/smashed Kevin's hand on the kitchen counter and Lydia looked shocked.

Lydia: "That's violence!"
Russell: "It didn't hurt! If his palm was (this way), then it could've."

In walks Casey...who is very snippy due to him not being able to smoke for hours & wondering why Russell & Ronnie are friends talking about how Ronnie was dared to hug Casey (during all the pranks) for 10 seconds. Casey tells Russell:

"For future reference, don't ever send that rat to hug me again."
Russell: "It wasn't my idea."
Casey: "Now, I didn't say it was! I'm just saying.."
Russell: (snapping at Casey) "I told you I didn't do it!"
Casey: "I'm not blaming you!"

Talk turns to this week..
Casey: (hinting towards Russ/Ron hanging out) "I hope this weeks plan hasn't changed.."
Russell: "Nope, everything is the same [to backdoor Ronnie]." (obviously a total lie)

..and last but not least:

3:35am BBT:
HOH Room

Well, they had sex. Lydia was heard telling Jessie to "f" her, then kissing sounds, you could hear the condom being put on...and after a few minutes of sheets moving up & down in a rhythm pattern, he was done. lol :P

And that's it for the Overnight Report! :) As soon as the HG's wake up, I'll start a new post.

Stay tuned...

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