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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

(Picking up from the morning post.)

Currently on the live feeds...

12:00pm BBT:
Jeff is done working out on the elipitical.
Casey/Kevin are in the kitchen.

Casey starts rapping a song for Kevin...
Casey: "K K Ke Kev KEVIN! Ke Ke Kevin! Kevin!"

Ronnie was sleeping...

Then BB woke him up with "Ronnie, please exchange your microphone with the one that's in the storage room." He walks downstairs, almost sprinting down the stairs to avoid contact with Casey/Kevin & heads straight for the storage room.

By 12:07pm BBT, he's back in bed in the HOH room.

12:10pm BBT:
Laura & Jordan are up.

12:18pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Kevin is telling Jordan how Casey brought up the idea last night of whenever Ronnie gets evicted, that instead of standing up & saying goodbye, they should just continue to sit. Kevin goes on to say that he's scared that Ronnie is gonna talk to him (Kevin) and then people will think they're working together.

Sidenote: Last night, Casey said that it might be a good idea if everyone yells "RONNIE IS TRYING TO TALK TO ME!" if/when Ronnie tries to talk to anyone, so that nobody thinks they're talking game with him. lol

12:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russell makes use of the fact that all the HG's are sleeping (except Laura/Jordan/Casey/ & I think Jeff..they are outside.)

Russell told Ronnie the plan is to backdoor him this week, but that him (Russell) & Jessie are gonna fight to win HOH to save him from going up on the block. He also tells Ronnie that the "whole house wants you out!" and that he has to be hard on him (taunting him, etc) so that the HG's don't think he's still on Ronnie's side.

As soon as Russell leaves, Ronnie looks at the camera and says...
Ronnie: "Deal with the devil."

...and started to read the bible again.

Sidenote: Ronnie lied to Russell, he told him he's been the only one up there since he's locked himself away. Jessie went & talked to him yesterday.

1:18pm BBT:

Casey: "..and yet, we're outside. And they're inside (Team Jessie). Goes to show ya that nothing has changed. We all just have the same target for a week, then it goes back to..[the house being divided]."

1:23pm BBT:
House is very quiet.

4:00pm BBT:
Nothing much going on inside the BB house. It's been a calm couple of hours. Russell just did his whole heckling thing with Ronnie, but now that we know it's all just an act, it's not as thrilling as it was before. :P

4:05pm BBT:
Hmmm!!! The feeds went to trivia (usually only used for comps like the POV). Shortly before the feeds went to trivia, BB called for an inside lockdown. Hmmm!!!!

Stay tuned...

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