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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Wow, what an episode! I'm surprised they didn't show Jordan blowing up Ronnie, but I'm sure that will be in the whole "Ronnie is busted" montage on Thursday night's episode. lol :P

If you're joining the blog for the first time tonight, you might wanna take note that last night on the live feeds, Ronnie got busted for ALL of his lies & the house turned against him! He's been in the HOH room ever since (even crying at times). The only way you'll be able to see the whole fight is by being subscribed to the feeds & by using it's "Flashback" feature! Other reasons to get the live feeds: only 1 person has been voted out so far..just 1...and already there's been a TON of drama!!! And as if you needed another reason besides seeing the HG's 24 hours a day, you will also get to see ALL of the endurance comps unfold LIVE!!! (Endurance comps can last anywhere from 2-8 hours on average.) Personally, the endurance comps are my favorite things to watch on the feeds! ;-) Anyways, give'em a shot and try'em out w/ the 3 day trial!

Currently on the feeds...

7:30pm BBT:
Everyone (except Ronnie..he's still in the HOH room, alone.)

Everyone is chillin, talking, and some are eating popcorn & candy.

Chima: "I wonder if Ronnie will come out of his room tomorrow."
Russell: "He ain't coming out, man."

They start talking about HOH pics are tomorrow & wonder if Ronnie will take pics with them.

Casey: "I'm not taking a pic with him. He can get the back of our heads."
Russell: "He'll put the camera outside the HOH room and close the door." (lol)

7:46pm BBT:
Ronnie is in the HOH room trying to sleep.

Behold this sight...all HG's (minus Ronnie), mingling & having a good time talking/sharing stories:

Michele just went inside to cook something.

8:08pm BBT:
Everyone still chatting. Jessie was talking about gyms and Chima said...

Chima: "I go to LA Fitness (gym) where all the hot girls go, I don't go to Curves where the fat girls go."

8:16pm BBT:
Main Bathroom (lounge chair)
Laura (Lydia is in there doing her makeup)

She looks really sad and has been really quiet all night.

8:33pm BBT:
Outside HOH

Ronnie is starting to venture outside the HOH room a little bit..he's laying on the couch by the chess board.

BB gave the HG's wine.
Chima suggested to Lydia & Natalie (who are on their first glass of wine and sitting by the hot tub) that they make out with boys tonight. Natalie said she's ready.

Alrighty guys & dolls, I'm outta here for the night. I'm gonna watch the feeds for a little bit longer & then turn on BB: After Dark on Showtime2. Catch ya'll in the morning!! xoxo! :D

Stay tuned...

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