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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

Picking right up from my morning post..

1:15pm BBT:
Russell/Lydia tried out their homemade slip n slide...didn't work that well. lol

1:48pm BBT:
Living Room

He's still waiting for Ronnie to come out of the Diary Room so that he can taunt him some more.

2:04pm BBT:
Ronnie comes out of the Diary Room

Russell: "Let's play a game, Ron..let's play a game of 'Who am I?'...ok?" (he then mocks how Ronnie said he made promises to his family to not play personally)

Ronnie continues up to his HOH room...Russell follows.

Russell: "You should have got me out when you had the chance! I'm still here! I'm still here!!"

2:15pm BBT:
HOH Room
Ronnie, looking at the photo of his wife & cat, started crying.

2:16pm BBT:

Lydia & Jordan were talking outside in/around the pool and came to the conclusion that Russ was/is working with Ronnie. (Something about Russell being in the storage room with him, but that wasn't true because Kevin was in there???) Anyways, Jordan/Lydia think Rus/Ron are "still" working together. Lydia runs over to Kevin on the backyard couch and tells him "I think Russell and Ronnie were working together!" Kevin says that even if they were, they're not now. Lydia still says she can't trust Russell. (Sidenote: Chima/Lydia told each other earlier today in the main bathroom that they can't trust Russell.)

4:00pm BBT:
Okay guys, the hubby is home so I'm gonna go make dinner, eat, and then get ready for tonight's show @ 9pm EST (8pm Central)!! The chat room will be open 1 hr before the show, and I'll be in there as well! ;-)

If you must know what's going on inside the house and can't wait until tonight, then try out the live feeds! (It comes with a 3 day free trial!!)

See ya'll in a bit! :-D

Stay tuned...

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