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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (+POV Comp!!)

At 1:23pm BBT, the live feeds went to Trivia, which means the POV Comp has started!!! :-D

In case you missed it, the players for the POV Comp are:


4:03pm BBT:Trivia still on the feeds...

Alot of people (including myself) are hoping that Casey wins because this would definitely shake up the game a bit. It would ruin Jessie's plan of backdooring Casey and he would be forced to put up one of his own 'Team Jessie' members. Even if you're not a fan of 'Team Jeff', it would still be very interesting to watch how things play out!

4:13pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!! (Wait for info on who won....)

The Winner of the POV is:


Casey "pulled a card" and he has to wear a Banana Suit during the live show.

Jessie just said congrats to Michele, and Natalie is seemingly happy. (She's talking to Russell in the Red Room & making fun of how Casey is referring to him being there in the house next week & playing in the HOH comp.)

Russell: "Dude...I can't fking wait [to get him out]!"

Sidenote: Casey is gonna FLIP OUT when Jessie puts him up on the block! If I was Jessie, I'd be scared. lol

Michele has a little pep in her step as she walks around the house.

Not too much convo going on in the house. Not sure if they're all tired, or just trying to downplay the fact that Casey is screwed & he doesn't even know it yet.

I wonder if Casey will find out somehow that the plan is to BD him this week. If he does, he could flip the script REAL quick by calling Jessie out and almost forcing him to keep his word & put up Ronnie. I don't think this week is over just yet, folks!

Jessie won a margarita party for the house, and $2,500 cash for himself. The "Have Nots" (Chima/Ronnie/Michele) are not allowed to go to the party.

Jordan is in the kitchen alone.

5:17pm BBT:
All feeds are on Chima in the main bathroom. She's nursing her knee back to health (she cut it). Casey is in the shower and asked her what happened with her knee, she said she cut it in the "area right before the hay". (Not sure if that was the food comp or pov comp).

5:20pm BBT:
Chima is looking like she could be in the music video "Thriller"...

...Casey is now done with this shower.

Stay tuned...

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