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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Okay, so I was a busy gal the past 1+ hour. I was chatting it up with some of you awesome blog fans in the chat room (sorry I had to bolt so fast, computer was going nuts! lol), and I was watching tonight's Nominations episode on CBS, and at the same time, I was watching the live feeds! Phewwww!! :-P

In the hour that the show was on, this is what happened:

5:17pm BBT:

They were both saying how they can't trust Ronnie, and Kevin said he feels like Ronnie is just "baiting them" along to get info. They both say he needs to go. But this week, they want Laura out.

5:24pm BBT:
Workout Room

Ronnie tells Casey he is *NOT* going on the block. Casey thanks him. Ronnie said he's a man of his word. (Remember, he said earlier he's gonna put up Jordan but with Laura as a target. But then's Ronnie. Who the hell knows. lol)

5:19pm BBT:
Casey & Chima are done watching the movie "The Ugly Truth" (they won that during the "Have/Have Nots" comp). BB told them they can have all the candy "they can carry" that is left over from the movie viewing in the HOH room.

Chima wanted to know if anything happened while she was watching the movie. Ronnie tells Chima how Jordan went off on him (for playing both sides).

6:10pm BBT:
Kevin & Casey talk...they want to "work together" in the future, but will still act like they're not on the same side.

6:25pm BBT:
Steel Room

Laura: "The way I see it is, if Ronnie leaves me in the house he knows I am going to get him out of here. If Russell gets left in the house, he'll get Ronnie out. Either way, Ronnie's going home soon."

6:44pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Ronnie is sad/mad about Jordan going off on him and saying she doesn't wanna talk to him anymore. Ronnie also said that it makes "the decision" (of who's going to be the re-nom) alot easier. (aka Jordan)

Ronnie said he thinks the next HOH comp will be questions. Casey agrees.

Sidenote: There is no way to know what Ronnie is thinking...he could backdoor Russell, or he could put up Jordan to scare her (as he said he would) and then have Team Jessie vote Laura out. We'll find out tomorrow!! :-D

6:52pm BBT:
Ronnie, still talking to Casey in the backyard, just said that he's putting up Jordan, but he knows Laura is going home for sure and that's his target. He also commented that he knows Jordan was upset & said things 'in the heat of the moment', but he still has to do what he has to do (which is put her up tomorrow).

All 4 feeds on Casey/Ronnie. Jeff joins them outside.

Ronnie goes inside. Jeff & Casey talk. Jeff asked Casey what Ronnie is doing. He said "I dunno...we won't know until he actually does it." (Ohhhh so true! lol) Jeff said he "knows" Jordan is going up, and to wait until it's Ronnie's turn..Jeff will be gunning for him.

Casey tells Jeff that Jordan shouldn't have said anything to Ronnie.

Casey: "Either show your pride & go home, or eat-it & live to fight another day."

7:05pm BBT:
Backyard Hammock

They've been lounging together for a while now, some good game talk is happening. Russell said he doesn't have anybody in the house to "team up with". He asked Kevin "Whats up with you and Lydia?" (asking if they're aligned). Kevin said they are aligned together, but right now they kinda have to go with whatever Team Jessie does (btw, they're calling themselves "Natural Born Killers", but I call'em Team Jessie instead lol :P )

Kevin told Russell that now is not the time (for Kevin/Lydia) to go against the team with there being so many open targets right now. But when the time comes, they'll make moves.

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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