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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning in the BB House

Jeff/Casey, the only ones up besides Michele, have already talked a little bit of game. Jeff said he caught on to Jessie's reaction to backdooring Ronnie, Casey said he caught it too. They also talked about Michele being just like Ronnie..going back & forth between sides (which is true, she's just not as bold as Ronnie was).

They also talked about how a fight between Natalie/Lydia could be coming (over jealousy for each other liking Jessie).

Michele pulled Jeff aside this morning and told him that she's not comfortable with throwing the HOH tomorrow (If Chima/Michele win, then Ronnie can't be nominated for eviction because they're on the same "Brains" clique). Michele also tells Jeff that there's "people in the house" that don't want Ronnie to go home. Jeff asked her "Who said that?" Michele didn't give him any names.

Jeff goes outside to Casey and tells him what happened.

11:10am BBT:

Jeff: "If I win HOH, and I see people talking to Ronnie, I'm gonna put them on the block."

11:19am BBT:

Casey goes inside. Michele comes out to suntan. She tells Jeff...

Michele: "I'm going home." (Ummm she's not even on the block. lol)
Jeff: "What??"
Michele: "I don't have the numbers.."
Jeff: "What are you talking about??"

It then becomes clear that Michele is trying to push to see where Jeff stands with her IF she was on the block.

Jeff: "You're playing the 'What if?' game. If you're asking me who would I vote for if it was you & Penguin on the block, I'm not gonna tell you! Everything I say in this house gets twisted and I'm not gonna say I would or would not vote you out..see what I'm saying?"

(VERY loud noises of some kind of construction can be heard coming from the CBS lot).

Everyone but Michele/Casey/Jeff are still sleeping.
Jeff is working out in the backyard.

Casey went inside to get something to eat.

11:57sm BBT:
Kevin is up, getting some cereal for breakfast. Casey is done eating.

Stay tuned...

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