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Monday, July 20, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (+Veto Ceremony Spoiler!)

**At 11:41am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!! The Veto Ceremony is underway! :-D**

Jeff, who won the Veto, will take himself off the block & Ronnie said he will be putting up Jordan as the replacement nom. Let's see if that's what happens!!

11:49am BBT:
Trivia on the feeds...

12:32pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Jeff took himself off the block. The Re-Nom is:


Casey/Jordan/Jeff are talking in the backyard. Casey said that the vote will be 9-0 for Laura to get evicted. Casey also told Jeff that they shouldn't do any sympothy votes, it'll just call attention to them...might as well vote with the house and not "make waves".

Jordan said that if she wins HOH this week, she's putting Ronnie up.

Laura joins them outside. After a few minutes, Laura says..

Laura: "I better not go out with a 9-0 vote! I'll be pissed! At least give me one vote."

Michele is rubbing sunscreen on Jeff. They're all about to go swimming.

1:03pm BBT:
Workout Room

Ronnie: "You gotta win HOH this week, Kevin. Seriously."

Ronnie then schools him a bit on what HOH comp he thinks it will be this week. Ronnie thinks it'll be a Question & Answer a A or B choice.

1:24pm BBT:
Workout Room

They talk about how they both know that Ronnie is the puppet master. Kevin asks Jordan if she were to win HOH if she would put him (Kevin) up. Jordan says no. (I think this was just Kevin doing some mingling..playing the game. And doing it well. :) )

1:26pm BBT:
Casey/Jeff/Michelle/& Laura (in the pool on a raft)

Casey: "I got my money on Michelle Thursday night (HOH)."
Jeff: "I bet that'll you get it, Casey."
Casey: "The best case scenario would be Jordan wins."
Jeff: "We (Casey/Jordan/Jeff) could all do a lot of damage!"

Stay tuned...

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