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Monday, July 20, 2009

Overnight Report

Last night, the HG's turned in early (around 1am), so there's not much to report from where I left off, but there are few things worth mentioning.

Jordan IS going up, but strictly as a pawn (nobody in the house is gonna vote Jordan out).

7:20pm BBT:
Red Room

Ronnie told Jeff that Jordan is going up on the block, but strictly as a pawn (nobody in the house is gonna vote Jordan out) and to not worry because the house is gonna vote out Laura.

Ronnie: "It'll be a blowout, 9-0 (for Laura to go home)."
Jeff: "All you did was take the weakest players in the house and nominate them, because you didn't want to make a move. You're
not playing strategically, is all I'm saying. Like, don't lie to me..ya know?
Ronnie: "You're right, I was (playing strategically) but it has since fallen apart. Just being completely honest."
Jeff: "No one is gonna knock off these guys (Team Jessie) unless someone makes a move. Ya know what I mean? You think they're gonna
carry you to the top? "
Ronnie: "No..."

7:45pm BBT:

Jeff goes outside to where Jordan is doing laundry and tells her that she is in fact going up on the block.

Jordan: "So who's going up, me or Casey?"
Jeff: "You are."
Jordan: "I'm going up??"

Jeff: "Ya."

Jordan: "...because I told him what I thought?"
Jeff: "Mm Hmm. And because you're the weakest player that's not on their side. They don't wanna lose one of their team mates (Team Jessie), so it's gonna be me, you, or Laura. See what I'm saying? So he got me (on the block), you (now going on the block) and Laura (staying on the block). There's nobody else on our side (to put up)."
Jordan: "Casey!"
Jeff: "Ya, but Casey isn't all the way on our side."

12:15am BBT:
Storage Room

Laura said that even if they put up Jordan, she knows she's still going home.
Michele: "We'll need to do something...we'll need a miracle.."
Laura: "We need to do, even if it's creating drama..doing something malicious and getting someone to think someone else did it, ya know?

Also worth mentioning is that Lydia & Natalie made a bet on a pool game. Lydia lost the game & her punishment was to dress like Natalie.

Kevin: "So, if you lose, you (Natalie) get to be pretty, and if Lydia loses, she gets to look busted."
Natalie: "So I look busted, Kevin?!"
(everyone laughs)

At 12:09pm BBT is when Lydia lost the bet & had dress like Natalie, remove her nail polish, and remove all of her makeup. lol

One last note...
Jessie/Chima were whispering in the main bathroom w/ 1 towel over their heads. BB told Jessie to "Stop that!" and "Jessie, knock it off!". The whispering was REALLY low, but from what I could make out, it sounded like Jessie was talking about about how he likes Natalie but can't do anything with her (she has a boyfriend).

That's it for the overnight report! :) Let's take a peek at what's going on inside the BB house this morning!

Stay tuned...

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