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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Evening in the BB House

The house has been very, very quiet all night. Not sure how much reporting I'm gonna do tonight..hopefully things pick up. Being on inside lockdown isn't helping. lol (BB is still taking today's POV comp apart.)

Since my last post, here's what happened:
*Chima waxed Natalie's eyebrows
*Jordan made pizza & salad..only Jeff/Jordan/Casey/Kevin ate
*Jeff/Jordan cuddled some more
*Most HG's are sleeping.

Currently on the feeds...

7:55pm BBT:
Casey is in his banana suit. He thinks it looks more like a pencil than a banana.

Casey walks into the pool room where Jordan/Jeff are...they think it's hilarious!

"Glad I can amuse ya'll.."
Jeff: "You have to sleep in that thing? What are the rules?"
Casey: "I can take it off to sleep & shower only."
Jeff: "You can't take it off to work out?"
Casey: "I can take it off to sleep & shower only! Dude, you know how much my head is gonna sweat when I do my cardio??!"

8:25pm BBT:
Main Bathroom
Chima/Jeff (called in "for support")/Natalie/Lydia/Jessie

Natalie is buzz cutting Jessie's hair, as Lydia sits nearby (she wants to have "Liberty Spikes" in her hair..whatever the hell that means. lol)

Chima just said that they have alcohol in the storage room now.

Jeff just trimmed his hair, and Lydia is finishing her "Liberty Spikes" hair-do.

Alright guys & gals, I'll be back in the morning with the Overnight Report! I'm gonna go watch BB After Dark (will tonight be the night that Jeff & Jordan kiss? Hmmm!!! ;-) ) G'dnight everyone! :-D

Stay tuned...

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