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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evening in the BB House

At 6:00pm BBT, the live feeds came back on from a brief time in stand-by mode & the HG's went outside (on lockdown, which is now over) to discover that there's a new toy in the yard. It's a skee ball type game (for pics & more details, go down 1 post).

As of 6:53pm BBT, the HG's are still taking turns practicing, while other HG's ar getting something to eat. Chima, who was terrible at first, is now pretty good. Casey was good from the get-go & is improving his skee ball skill every chance he gets. Jeff is also doing very, very well at the game!

Just a little bit ago (6:33pm BBT), Jessie/Russell were in the Storage Room and Russell told Jessie "We should keep Ronnie around for a big longer, we'd have the numbers!" Now, Russell doesn't know that Jessie already thought of this & even approached Ronnie up in the HOH room yesterday when nobody was around. So the 2 of them are on-board with keeping Ronnie. This makes tomorrow's HOH comp even that much more interesting! I'm sure I'll be biting my nails in suspense! ;-)

6:56pm BBT:
Everyone (minus Ronnie, he's back in the HOH room)

Casey is now on the elliptical.

7:07pm BBT:
Steel Room

The girls are packing for tomorrow.

7:09pm BBT:

Russell/Chima/Jeff/Michele/Kevin are playing with the game.

Jessie/Natalie are playing pool right behind them.

Going to bed for the night, guys & gals. See ya'll in the morning! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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