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Monday, July 20, 2009

Morning in the BB House

Morning started bright & early today (7:30am BBT) for the HG's, unlike yesterday where they slept in until 12pm. lol :-P I'm guessing that's because of the Veto Ceremony today. The HG's mentioned it would be "Monday morning" and's Monday morning. ;-)

As of 10:06am BBT, nothing has really happened in the BB house. The HG's got themselves ready for the day (camera ready, at that) and they're all tired from being woken up so early.

10:07am BBT:
Fishies on the feeds...

10:10am BBT:

Main Bathroom

Chima is talking about past relationships.

10:20am BBT:
Kitchen Area
Jeff & Chima

Both wonder why it's taking BB so long to get the Veto Comp underway, especially after BB woke them up so early and told them the ceremony would be this morning.

Jeff: "Hurry up & wait."

10:39am BBT:
Main Bathroom
Chima/Russell (now Michele, brushing her teeth while wearing a dress lol)

Chima is waxing her upper lip.

Now Russell is talking his past relationships...he says he has never cried over a relationship/breakup. Chima tells him 'Then you haven't been in love.' Russell said he has been in love twice. He just doesn't cry over "anything".

10:55am BBT:
Chima is still in the bathroom, and still complaining about BB waking them up so early and then taking their time getting the Veto Ceremony underway.

Chima: "If they start this shit past noon, never again will they be able to wake my ass up early. And if they ask why..."

Russell: "..tell'em it's because they start shit 17 hours later."
They both laugh.

11:11am BBT:
Chima continues talking about her past relationships.

11:33am BBT:
BB has called a lockdown (they have to go outside). This means the Veto Ceremony is about to begin!

And just for shits &'s "Natalie 1 & Natalie 2" as Russell is calling them. lol

Stay tuned...

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