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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Overnight Report

Good Morning/Afternoon, BB fans!!! Today started out like every other day for me...wake up..take the dog some breakfat...go through last nights happenings (for the overnight report), use the flashback feature on the live feeds to get more details & pics, then bundle it up in a nice package to deliver to ya'll as the Overnight Report.

This morning was a little bit different.

SO MUCH happened last night, I simply cannot post all of it, or even a fraction of it. But I will say this...

Ronnie is busted!!!

It started last night as I was watching BB After Dark on Showtime2.

11:25pm BBT:

HOH Room
Lydia, Nat, Chima, Kevin, and Ronnie.

Ronnie: "I'm going to drop a bombshell on all of you. Laura spilled everything. Russell is trying to evict us."

This is where everything started...

Chima: (pointing to Natalie) "We should have gotten rid of Russel. And we listened to you and Jesse!"

'Team Jessie' starts turning on itself!! Lydia/Natalie started yelling at each other, Natalie/Chima started yelling at each other, and Kevin sat back and watched all of this unfold for the most part.

Kevin: "We need to move on, we are ruining our own team yelling at Natalie about Jesse."

Ronnie: (totally lying, of course) "I'm mad now, because we should have put Russell up!"

Ronnie then starts talking about getting rid of Jordan and saving Laura. Nobody in the room is down for that, no matter how hard he tried.

(please keep refreshing! I'm gonna give ya'll the highlights of last night)

**Note: Rememeber, Laura said (to Michele in the storage room) yesterday that she wanted to start some shit. it is! lol

12:35am BBT:

Laura confronts Ron. Ron refuses to answer.
Laura starts to cry..tells Ron not to throw her under the bus...she didn't ask anyone for her vote.

12:46am BBT
Ronnie tries to call Laura out for a private convo. Russ says to just say it right there.

Ronnie: "You're going home!" and slams the BY door.

Everyone laughs and Jeff says he's heard Ron say that 7 different times about different people.

1:00am BBT:
Everyone (but Ronnie. He's in the HOH room, hiding.)

Everyone talking about hoe Ron has lied and manipulated them all, sharing stories, all exposing lies that lead back to Ronnie.

Russel: "He's a fking rat!!"
Chima/Natalie look stunned, but then they start to connect some stores/lies and it all makes sense to them.

HG's getting fired up over Ronnie & how he played the house.

Laura: "He's playing your side of the house, then playing our side of the house..and who's left in middle? Ronnie."

1:06am BBT:
Russell goes inside and sees Ronnie & calls him a liar. Ronnie says he's not. Russell then calls everyone in the house.

All of the HGs are in the kitchen while Ron stands at the balcony, they call him out on all of his lies. (Lydia/Jessie are in the kitchen cooking, listening).

1:11am BBT:
The fight continues...

Laura (to Ron): "If I go home this week, that's fine. I will sit in my g** damn living room and watch these people run you out of this house!"

Lots of people yelling at Ronnie.
Casey & Russ still calling Ronnie out on his lies. Michelle yelling at him. Laura saying he was the one that split the house. Ronnie says he's not going to sit there and be seen as the one who did this.."vicious lies".

Russell: "Ron, you're going up next week, buddy!"

Casey saying he's impressed because Ron got everyone (being sarcastic).

Ronnie goes back up to HOH. Everyone else is still in the kitchen talking at once...being loud and laughing about Ron being a rat and wanting him out.

1:19am BBT:
Ronnie looks absolutely defeated sitting alone in his HOH room.

If you want to watch EVERYTHING that happened last night, the only way to see it is by getting live feeds & using the Flashback feature...

Here's a shot of the 'back in time' feature:

Select hour 12am and watch until 4am. The fight itself (the juicy stuff) is at hour 1am.

3:31am BBT:
All the HG's want him gone. lol

Jessie says that it might be easier to put Ronnie up first, instead of backdooring him. Casey says there's a better chance to get rid of him if they do backdoor him.
Jessie agrees.

4:19am BBT:
Natalie tells Jessie that she trusts Lydia the most. She thinks Lydia is 100% with them. (Could this be a start of a 3-person alliance between Lydia/Nat/Jessie? Hmm!)

4:30am BBT:
Everyone, except Casey, are in their beds.
Ronnie is tossing & turning in his HOH bed. Can't seem to sleep.

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!! What a crazyyyyyyyyyy night!!! As I told you guys & gals the other day, Ronnie's days were numbered. Well, last night pretty much sealed his fate in the game. If he doesn't win the POV this week (if he even gets to play), then he's as good as gone!

Right before the fight last night (as the HG's were figuring out & exposing Ronnie's lies to each other in the backyard), there was talk for Chima & Michele to throw this weeks HOH...if they win HOH, they can't nominate Ronnie for eviction this week. At 4:20am, Jessie told Natalie he's going to try to convince Michele to not throw it. So that's interesting.

Okay, now it's time to open up a new Morning post! :-D

Stay tuned...

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