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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Overnight Report

Good Morning, everyone! :-D Hope your Sunday morning is off to a great start. I have my coffee already made and I'm ready to get the Overnight Report for ya'll. Speaking of coffee, I ran across this image today and it made me laugh, so I'm sharing it with all of you (hopefully you guys & gals like it too! lol) ;-)

Okay, keep checking back for the O.R.!

Pss..don't forget, tonight BB is on!!

There was a TON of talk last night about who should be the replacement nom (since Jeff will obviously take himself off the block). At one point, Ronnie had Chima/Natalie/Jessie/Lydia/Kevin all up in the HOH and asking them all who he should put up.

That was a big mistake. He is the HOH and he needs to make that decision himself for his own game play. Instead, he had 5 people telling him what *they* wanted to see happen for *their own* game play. Chima kept repeating over & over again "I want Russell out!"..usually about every 30 seconds, she would mention his name. To say she was annoying with 'voicing her opinion', would be an understatement.

Lydia said Russell...then Casey...then back to Russell..etc etc. But then everyone said that they'd "vote with the group". It's a mob mentality just like last season. I'm not sure if I blame Jessie's presence in the house for that, or this "cliques" thing that BB is doing this year. But they've already drew a line in the sand. Now one half of the house is trying to take out the other half.

Ronnie asked Jessie if it was okay to put up Russell, and Jessie had a huge problem with it (he didn't get mad, he just looked really worried since him & Russell are on the same team). Jessie kept pleading as best as he could with 'Team Jessie', but it was a failure. So instead, he said he'd "vote with the group".

In an effort to to try to keep Laura around, and already aware to the whole 'I might backdoor Russell' plan via Ronnie, Jordan makes an attempt to throw Russell under the bus (and trying to save Laura's butt) by telling Ronnie that Russell called him a "fat fking f*gg**." (the "f*g" part is sooo not true, for the record). I actually think this was a rather smart move on Jordans part. Ronnie listens to Jordan and will protect her because he likes her. And Jordan is perceived as this honest, innocent, stupid girl in the house.

Fast forward a few more hours of game talk...Ronnie is still thinking about backdooring Russell..despite what his 'idol' in the game (Jessie) says.

Tomorrow is the POV Ceremony, so alot of the "who should we put up?" talk will resume on the live feeds until then!! ;-)

Okie dokie, I'm gonna start a new morning post here in a minute!

Stay tuned...

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