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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Morning in the BB House

Don't forget that tonight is the Nominations episode! It airs on CBS @ 8pm EST. In the meantime, let's see what the HG's are up this morning on the live feeds! ;-)

9:02am BBT:
All HG's, except Casey, are sleeping.
Casey is on a backyard couch laying down, but not really sleeping..more like relaxing.

9:19am BBT:
HG's are still sleeping. Casey is still on the BY couch relaxing.

9:36am BBT:
Other HG's are still sleeping. Casey was mumbling some game to himself..did a nice morning stretch...and is now back to looking like he's deep in thought.

10:09am BBT:
Casey just took a dip in the pool and is now laying out in the sun. Other HG's still snoozing. :-P

10:45am BBT:
Casey is making breakfast. (Other HG's still sleeping).

11:22am BBT:
Casey is outside smoking. Everyone else, still sleeping.

11:40am BBT:
Russell is up. Casey is still on the BY couch (sleeping). All other HG's still sleeping! (I think BB is letting them sleep in, they were up really late last night.)

(sorry for the delay, was eating lunch...)

11:55am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Russell: "Well, everyone is sleeping. Let's talk [game]. What do you think [Ronnie] is gonna do?"
Casey: (smoking) "I don't know, man. I think it's either gonna be me, you, or Jordan though."

The convo pretty much dies from there. Casey goes back inside to lay down.

12:15pm BBT:
HG's are being woken up by BB. (Amount time!! lol)

12:20pm BBT:
Casey goes back outside. Russell is laughing (because Casey just went back inside not too long ago. lol)

Casey: "I guess I'll sleep in a couple of months, man. Fuuuu*k."
Russell still laughing.

Jeff joins them outside.

Jeff: "Man, it's hot as a motherf*cker out here!"
Talk turns to game immediately. Jeff said that Ronnie kept saying he could put up Jordan, along with every other name in the house. They all laugh. Jeff said he doesn't give a crap what Ronnie says because he lies about everything anyways. He also said he's gonna protect Jordan as much as he can.

Sidenote: Does anyone know if today's the POV Ceremony??? I thought it was and other people are saying the same thing, but a fan of the blog said the HG's said last night it will be tomorrow morning...

UPDATED: Just got word that they are on the "normal" schedule from now on, starting this week..which means the POV Ceremony will be held on MONDAYS from now on. (Yayyy!!!) Sorry for the confusion guys! :)

12:30pm BBT:
All HG's are now up.

Jordan says she's "closed" for the day. (In other words, not up for talking game.) Jeff says "Sweet!". Jordan says she's gonna lay by the pool all day.

12:36pm BBT:

****I'm taking a break. My brain isn't working right today. lol :P (Been staring at the computer for 6 hours now waiting for the HG's to frickin' wake up..think I lost some brain cells. lol) I'll be back after the HG's wake up a little bit. :)

(If you wanna watch the house cameras while I'm away, you can get the live feeds!)

Stay tuned...

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